Sustainability Plan Update

Important milestones in our Sustainability Plan have been accomplished.  Terms of Reference (TofR) for the Sustainability Committee (SC) was approved by Council 6/25. And the Sustainability Plan was launched to all Municipal Staff this week.

Next step:  appoint the 4 additional community members to the SC in September. To do so we will advertise and receive applications throughout the summer.   The SC will have 8 community members in total; for this inaugural committee the 4 Ambassadors have been asked to participate. (more…)

Wind Turbine Farms—motion tabled

At the 6/11 Council meeting I tabled a motion regarding large scale developments of wind turbines.  Although the Province through its Green Energy Act has eliminated a municipality’s ability to approve or not approve such applications I believe we can not sit back and be passive on the issue given King’s unique characteristics and some of the continuing unanswered questions about large scale wind farms. (I must admit that this was not an original idea on my part.  It is wonderful when residents have good ideas and do some of the research; it makes my job much easier.)

Below is the motion.  It will be discussed and voted on at the 6/18 Council meeting.  I would appreciate hearing from you as to your thoughts on the matter.

Whereas King Township is a largely rural municipality with significant investment in livestock and feedstock;

Whereas King Township’s economy and sustainability are predicated on the maintenance of the health and welfare of our feedstock and livestock; (more…)

Hate the Towers but don’t want calls dropped

Most of us love the capability created  but most of us don’t want to see the means for creating that capability.  I am referring to smart phones and telecommunication towers a.k.a “cell phone towers.”

Communication facilities are federally regulated; the approval authority is Industry Canada.  The Township has established a protocol for such applications which includes requirements for information/plans and public consultation. (more…)

A museum and more

On Sunday I participated in a tour of the recently opened Museum and Community Centre in Whitchurch-Stouffville in the village of Vandorf; it was organized by the Historic Society of King.   What a fabulous public space.  What a demonstration of what can be achieved with visionary thinking.

If I were “just” a member of the public the hi-lights of my visit would be:  the beautifully and carefully restored and furnished late 19th century red brick Victorian farmhouse, the furnished one room school house offering a perfect space for programs, the exhibition room with pull out drawers displaying objects and finally, the architecture of the main building which is a tasteful blend of new and old.

As a Councillor I have a couple other hi-lights. The varied rooms each with smart functional tables & chairs available for renting by residents for group meetings.  A large, bright airy room with a kitchen designed to meet demands of caterers; although only open one week it is already booked for  weddings.  Archival storage rooms with the moveable cabinets to enable full utilization of the climate controlled space.

I encourage you to visit (it’s a maximum 45 min. drive from our own Museum).  With a visit you will either learn some local history and/or be inspired to think of possibilities for King.  While there several of the action items in our Sustainability Plan came to mind; actions to truly integrate our history and heritage into our current/future world, actions to facilitate community members meeting.

Here is a link to learn more about it and a map. 

Lots To Do this Saturday (June 16th)!

Noon-8PM check out what is happening at King City Memorial Park.  To name a few:  a jazz band, community BBQ, children’s activities.

A big feature of the day is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the King City Lions.  Imagine:  60 years of helping the people of King City, sponsoring and starting sports organizations, initiating and financing recreations facilities!  Over the 60 years King City Lions have raised and donated over $1 million!

Around 4:45 there will be the sod turning (finally!) for the new Skate Board Park.

Saturday evening, 7-9 PM there is ART WINE & SONG in Kettleby.  All proceeds are for the restoration of Christ Church Kettleby built in 1891.  Here are all the details.