Re-designating Rural to Residential: a wise decision?

Re-designating Rural to Residential: a wise decision?

There are proposed amendments to Official Plan and zoning bylaws to permit two new residences to be built on the easterly side of the Hickory Hills property between Dufferin St. and Keele.

The proposed two large lots are effectively peninsulae poking into the Environmental Protection Area. (Per the King City Community Plan (KCCP) the purpose of this land designation is “to protect and enhance the landscape network and the natural features of which it is composed.”)



The “planning” history of these two parcels is very curious.

  • In 1996 these two parcels were designated Environmental Restoration Areas.
  • In 1997 York Region included in its modifications to OPA 54 (the KCCP) re-designation of both parcels to “rural”; and as such, per the KCCP “non-farm residential uses shall be prohibited.”
  • Now, in 2011 there is a proposal to permit a residence on each parcel. (more…)

Museum-Genview Project Update

Museum-Genview Project Update

The concept details of Genview using the eastern portion of our Museum for a sales office is being further fleshed out.

(If you are new to this proposal for our King Museum, click here for more.)

There have been substantive modifications to the exterior “look” as a result of valuable input from members of the Heritage Committee.

The latest concept is visible below:  it is much simpler and less intrusive.    The original concept was criticized for hiding the Kinghorn school house with a “mythologized quaint country style wrapping.”  I will confess that I did not see this initially; but as soon as this was articulated I recognized the validity of that criticism.  That temporary failure on my part is a good reminder of why one has citizen advisory groups! (more…)

Federal Election–last minute insight

Federal Election on Monday May 2nd.  Remember to Vote!

If you are still undecided here are two sources of more information which have just came to my attention.

A debate has been organized to focus on agricultural issues.  Its on Saturday, 4/30 1-3 PM  in Ansnorveldt.  Read here for full details.

Environmental Defence has released responses to a survey they conducted by posing questions to all 5 parties.  You can read it by putting this link  into your browser.  (i.e. cut & paste.)








What is happening to our committees and boards?

Many readers of these posts are aware of the transition we are going through with our Boards and Committees.  But as not everyone is up to date I would like to review the transition and where we are at.

Our committees and boards can be divided broadly into two groups:  the ones operating per statutory requirements and the ones which operate wholly at the discretion of the Council. (To clarify by way of example:  a municipality can choose or not choose to have a KEAC; but, if the municipality has a library they must have a Library Board.)  All the committees and boards have terms of reference; the Township provides administrative support.

The statutory ones include Accessibility Advisory Committee, Library Board, Committee of Adjustment & Property Standards, Holland Marsh Drainage System Joint Municipal Board and Joint Compliance Audit Board.

The non statutory ones include KEAC (King Township Environmental Advisory Committee), EDAC (Economic Development   Committee), Museum Board, Heritage Committee.  In addition there are the boards for managing the halls throughout the Township.  For membership on the committees/boards the tradition has been that after an election the Township advertises for volunteers; members are selected with appointment confirmed in a bylaw.

Following the October 2010 election the Council approved a Staff recommendation to execute a thorough comprehensive renewal of the total process from selection process to terms of reference.  Reasons for renewal are numerous but they can be summed up simply:  the current process is very broken.   Here are some examples of the broken process with relevance to any one Committee varying: terms of Reference are outdated; appointed volunteers do not attend regularly; meetings are held without a quorum; Council Members do not attend regularly.  Amongst the Hall Boards application of various policies is not consistent.


Community Showcase and Volunteer Recognition

All Volunteers Invited
to Community Showcase and Volunteer Recognition Evening
Thursday, May 5  at Trisan Centre
beginning 6PM (Showcase) and 7PM (Volunteer Recognition)
Read the invitation here