COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

On Council March 29 agenda there is a report recommending Council support for creation of a vaccination clinic at the Trisan Centre.  I am thrilled that the prework has been done to enable it to be opened as early as April 6 or 12 pending vaccine supply.  As reviewed running this clinic will not cost the Township but indeed there have been some difficult choices made.  Summer ice at Trisan or the other arenas will not be offered and the Nobleton pool will not be opened. Service levels at some of the sports fields will be reduced; other recreational programming will be limited.  I appreciate that these cuts in service will be very much missed by the users given the lack of programming for the last 12 months. I am hopeful that our clinic will play a role in increasing the uptake of the vaccines as this is critical for moving into a new normal.  As noted in the report there will be a role for volunteers; I will be asking on Monday about the process for volunteering.  To access the report, the floor plan for Trisan clinic and the bylaw click here and scroll down to 7.9.

As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send an email.  To register or to email your questions and comments do so at [email protected] by March 29 noon.

Smart Boundary Adjustment on the ORM

On March 29 Council meeting there is a report for allowing implementation of a boundary adjustment.  There was a public planning meeting for this initiative in November 2019; conclusion of that meeting was that more work needed to be done as the proposed solution did not fully respect the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (ORMCP) which requires that no undersized lots are created for the current or intended purposes. As indicated in this report there has been some very creative work to develop a solution respectful of the property owner’s desires and the ORMCP.  And, I believe that the ORM is actually better protected now.  The productive agricultural land has not been fragmented and the key natural heritage feature (woodlot, a 10 meter buffer from its dripline and watercourse) has been put into a Environmental Protection Zone. Satisfying to see changes made which achieve property owners desires and yet do not sacrifice the ORMCP policies.


Developments in NW Nobleton

On Council March 29 agenda there is a report about two development applications in the northwest quadrant of Nobleton village. To read it and access all the appendices click here and scroll down to item 7.3.    As indicated in the report that there is a serious constraint in these developments being built as the servicing capacity (i.e. sewage and water) is not currently available but that does not preclude the planning to be done.  I have 3 questions/areas of concern.  i)  I am somewhat surprised that the application qualifies for the density being proposed as I don’t believe they are offering a mix of housing types; they are all singled detached albeit on different sized lots. ii) I need to know more about the proposed “pilot project” of the parkland and storm water management facility being on the same lands; when I hear “pilot project” I wonder about the the back up. iii) I want to understand what the consequences are of designing a modified collector road.  I understand the motivation but are we going to regret not insisting on the standard in 10 years when every household has multiple cars and there is no place for guests to park (more…)

Tribute (Nobleton)

On Council March 29 agenda there is a report about an development application in Nobleton village. To read it and access all the appendices click here and scroll down to item 7.4.  It is for the land parcel originally held by the school board when the subdivision was built.  Similar to what I said in another post about other developments in Nobleton  there is a serious constraint in these 22 lots  being developed as the servicing capacity (i.e. sewage and water) is not currently available but that does not preclude the planning to be done. As construction is not going to happen as soon as the builder likely wants I hope Tribute will take the time lag as an opportunity to plan for building houses that are truly sustainable i.e. built to net zero.  These new homes are going to be less than 10 years old in 2030 and less than 30 years old by 2050, dates when provincial and federal governments are targeting to have achieved significant greenhouse gas emissions; we need to stop building houses with built in obsolescence.


Firm “No” to MZO’s NOT Meeting PPS

On March 29 Council agenda there is a staff report with a recommendation on the Township response to the proposed changes to the Planning Act regarding MZO’s.  I am totally in support of the recommendation.  In December 2020 Council dealt with two requests from proponents for MZO’s.  In both cases we, i.e. Council, firmly said we are not interested in our planning decisions being made by the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing by issuing MZO’s.  This recommendation does not deal with the same aspect of MZO’s but it is very consistent.  This recommendation deals with the effort within Bill 257 which proposes that MZO’s do not need to be consistent with the PPS (Provincial Policy Statement) and that such latitude should be retroactive.  The report reviews very clearly why this liberty should not be given to MZO’s.