Climate Change

July 8, 2019 King Council passed the resolution, I had put forward, to declare a climate emergency.  Immediately below is the resolution; and here you can read the rationale for such.


1. The Township of King officially DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY for
the purpose of naming and deepening our commitment to the protection of
our economy, environment and community from the impacts of climate
2. The Township of King officially DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY for
the purpose of expressing our commitment to reduce emissions across the
whole Township, including both the emitters within the Township’s control
and all those who consider King to be their community such that the whole
community can benefit from the ancillary opportunities such as economic
growth, stimulation in the low carbon economy, and cost savings which are
created by reducing emissions

November 30 2020 Council passed a resolution I put forward that we should ask Province to not proceed with plans to signficantly increase gas fired generators to roduce our electricity but rather incent conservation, contract with Quebec for water sourced elecgricity i.e. hydro and to use solar and wind power.  Immediately below is the resolution and here you can read it in entirety.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Township of King requests the
Government of Ontario to place an interim cap of 2.5 mega tonnes per year on
our gas plants’ greenhouse gas pollution and develop and implement a plan to
phase-out all gas-fired electricity generation by 2030 to ensure that Ontario
meets its climate targets.

King Connection (Dec. 17, 2020) conducted an interview with me on the resolution.

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