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Road PCC’s

At the most recent York Region Transportation Services Committee monthly meeting I heard about a couple upcoming Public Consultations (PCC).  If you are interested in the issue/problem being assessed and you want to provide input and/or be informed of outcomes you need to attend these meetings and register.

PCC #1 for King Road (Hwy 27 to Hwy 400)is being assessed for “improvements” to faciliate traffic flow.Thursday, November 10 6-9 PM at Nobleton Community Center.

PCC #1 for Keele St at 17/18th SDRD assessment re:  addressing ongoing safety issues. Specific date yet to be identified but scheduled for early 2012


Are you interested in the future of King Township?

On October 20th the Mayor of King Township invites all residents, organizations, businesses and visitors to share their ideas for shaping King’s future.

ECONOMYIs economic development the answer?  Where should growth occur and at what scale?

ENVIRONMENTWhat do we need to do to protect and celebrate our precious natural resources? 

SOCIAL AND CULTURALHow can we continue to support a strong sense of community in King?  What is the role of arts, culture, and heritage?

FINANCEHow we improve King’s finances?  What changes need to be made?

Who is invited:   Anyone in King!

What:  Public Meeting to discuss sustainability, King’s Sustainability Plan and brainstorm actions for the pillars of sustainability (Economy, Environment, Socio-cultural and Finance).

When: Thursday October 20 (7 to 9pm)

Where:  Country Day School Performing Arts Centre & Atrium (13415 Dufferin Street, King City)

Complimentary local food and prizes will be provided!

Click here to RSVP for the event or for more information.

You can also contact Sara Puppi (905) 833-4080  for more information.

Weddings and Camping Venue

A very challenging proposal has been made to King:  amend  zoning and official plan and see a new commercial enterprise leveraging the beauty of the landscape by offering both wedding & banquet facilities and children’s camp in the countryside of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  The concept and proposed execution is creative.  We all know that King needs to increase its commercial base.  But, is the specific proposed location (between Hwy 400 and Weston Rd., south of Lloydtown Aurora Rd.) really right?

First public meeting for the application was conducted September 26thYou can read the full planning report here.   Agent for the proponent (Peter Eliopoulos of made a comprehensive presentation.  And many residents voiced their questions and concerns. (more…)

Tough Reports on Expenditures

September 26 Committee of Whole (COW)  provided a tough reminder of expenses—some we do control and others we don’t.

1. One of the bitter realities identified during the 2011 budget discussions was the need to prepare for refunding  golf courses.   At that point we knew that the  golf courses had appealed their assessments (some as long ago as 1998).  MPAC has finally ordered reductions; and to date 3 King golf courses have settled and are requesting refunds from King, York Region and schools.  From these 3 refunds from King totalling $461,000 have been requested.   Negotiations have started to arrange for a payment schedule with 2011 payment being maximum $240,000 which we had built in our 2011 budget.  Our 2012 budget will need to include some portion of the outstanding  $221,000 plus some/all for the remaining 3 courses which are still awaiting their settlements. (more…)

Moraine Can’t Wait

Realization of any vision is very dependent on actions and decisions by upper tiers of authority. As many peoples’ vision for King, including my own, has as its very foundation, a protected Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM), it is important to me to be assured that the next government of Ontario recognizes the value of the ORM and is ready to not only continue the current legislation but to address deficiencies in it.

If you agree, you can  send a request, from here, to the leaders of the parties asking for declaration of their position on the protecting the ORM and improving the legislation and policies governing it. (more…)

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