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Fund Raising for Southlake

Sunday, April 29 is the A&B Courier Run or Walk for Southlake .  It would be wonderful  if you registered to participate as part of the King Marsh Muckers and/or  if you supported the King Marsh Muckers team’s effort to raise $5,000.

Background        Every spring over 1000 walkers, runners and families gather to support Southlake. The 3rd annual A&B Courier Run For Southlake (formerly the Hartwell Challenge) offers walkers and runners a local event in support of Southlake Regional Health Centre.

Last year  Mayor Pellegrini and Councillor Eek and their families participated.  This year there is a King Township team—the King Marsh Muckers.  Both Dan and I have registered to join them; and I hope the rest of Council and other residents will join us.  I had registered before my accident at home; but now, as I make my visits to the fracture clinic at Southlake, my motivation to fund raise is not so abstract!

Click here to register as a runner or walker.

Click here to make a donation online.  Or, you can send a cheque made out to Southlake Regional Health Foundation  and mail it to me at the King Township Office, 2075 King Road, King City, ON  L7B1A1


A subsidized tree for your backyard!

Are you thinking about adding a tree or two to your back yard?  Subsidized native trees and guidance for good planting is available from LEAF (local enhancement & appreciation of forests).  You can learn more by clicking here; or, brochures are available at Township office.  For this spring orders need to be placed by 4/30. They also offer native shrubs.


Upcoming events & meetings of interest

On the right side of the home page I maintain a calendar.  It shows dates of Council meetings and other events & meetings of interest which I think may be of interest to my constituents.

Below are a couple particularly important ones.


Thursday, May 3, 2012 at Trisan Centre

Showcase is at 5-7 PM            Ceremony & Reception 7-9PM


Starting Sat., June 9th; every second Saturday through to Sept.29.

Schomberg at the fairgrounds (behind the Community Hall on Main St and south of old arena.)

(comment:  last year there was a market for one day and not surprisingly it was a great success. I bet that this year will demonstrate that  it should be every week in 2013!)

Sustainability–little and big steps

I am on the task force charged with developing the Sustainability Plan for King Township and am looking forward to the Celebration on March 7.  Perhaps because of the amount of personal time spent on thinking out 10+ years and considering what action is required to be sustainable I was particularly “tuned” to participate in two special meetings this past week.  On Thursday I attended Food For Change Action Day.    And on Saturday I attended an information meeting for farmers to discuss the potential of growing industrial hemp in York Region/Simcoe.  At both of these meetings the mood was about looking at new ideas to be sustainable.

The Food For Change Action Day was the 2nd meeting of this group seeking to “cultivate a healthier food system in York Region.”  The York Region Food Network is leading the effort to create a food charter and advance local food policies, programs and initiatives for communities across York Region.  Inspiration for the task was provided by Wayne Roberts (Canadian Food Policy Analyst, former Manager of Toronto Food Policy Council).  My big learning was that a food policy, one which really delivers, is not just about food security.  It profoundly affects how a community functions.  How so?  Think about how much public health and social services are essentially a reaction to a lack of healthy food.  Think about how the ambiance of a street and a community is affected by the presence or lack thereof of food sources, both stores and restaurants.  And of course there is the economic multiplier:  the tools for producing food, the process of growing, harvesting and distribution all creating jobs etc.

The industrial hemp seminar was hosted by York Region Environmental Alliance with the objective of finding some farmers to grow this crop.  Despite being an ancient crop, having a very positive environmental profile, providing relatively good financial return, and its seed delivering excellent health benefits  it seems that hemp needs an advocate.  It is tainted by its genetics:   it is a variety of cannibas, but,  unlike its more infamous cousin, it has <.3% THC.  To grow it in Canada a license is required; there is some in Ontario but most Canadian production is in western provinces, particularly Manitoba.

This is the kind of innovation we need to be sustainable.  Sustainability includes the little things which an individual can do such as using a water saver shower head.  But, it also includes assessing a crop for its ability to thrive in hotter temperatures than the current norm.   It includes identifying a potential market for upstream value add processes.  It includes enabling the connection of people to their food.

My intent here is not to review the hemp program; for more information as either a potential grower or for interest I will put some contacts on my resources page.  I am happy to report that there were several famers from York Region (including King Township) and Simcoe at the meeting who were showing interest.

I will also put contacts related to the Food initiative meeting on the Resource page.



What Do They Do In There?

Just wanted to pass onto you a cool information series I just found on King’s website.

Its “spot light on business.”  Each issue focuses on one business in King:  reviews its history, product line and performance.   By clicking here and scrolling down you can find the 3 features done in 2011:  B.C. Instruments, Nobleton Feed Mill and LGL Limited.  Plans are underway for the 2012 ones.

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