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Comfort At Home Without Fossil Fuels


Two webinars have been held already and have received high ratings from the 47 attendees.  Keith presents the  technical  info (i.e.”how this works”) and his family’s experience for 2 years after cancelling his gas contract. Register at

Gypsy Moths: info & advice from TRCA

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is pleased to provide, in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), a free information webinar on the LDD moth (European gypsy moth) on Tuesday June 8th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Webinar participants will learn about the LDD moth life cycle, how to identify them and what actions you can take to minimize their impact to trees. TRCA and CVC experts will be in attendance to answer questions from participants. Participants can register at

King Bulletin

The June edition is out!  If you haven’t registered do so!

Affordable Housing in King?

On May 31st council agenda there is a report on the subject of affordable housing in York Region; the report includes the request from the Region to King Township to support affordable housing over the next five years. As reviewed in the report there are a couple options as to how King could do this: provide 2 acres of land for Housing York Inc or not for profit or profit site dedicated to affordable housing; amend the Parkland dedication by law to exempt housing York from being required to pay Parkland fees. I agree with the comment in the report that a two acre allocation by King, which is the same request made to the larger urban lower tier municipalities of Vaughan or Markham is not appropriate; but I do believe that that King should participate in the effort to increase the availability of affordable housing in York Region. It seems to me a partnership of sorts with a for profit development could be very effective; specifically, a portion of the units to be sold at market price and a portion to be sold at the affordable housing price level. I know that this model has been executed successfully in Toronto.  It will be interesting to hear the discussion at council.


COVID-19 Tax Deferral

On Monday council agenda there is a report recommending a COVID-19 tax deferral program effective for 2021. As reviewed in the report the concept is that those property owners who have suffered financial hardship due to COVID-19 can apply for relief in terms of property tax payments; specifically, assuming application for such and that it is approved the property owner can defer payment of taxes till December 31, 2021 and not incur the standard 1.25% interest rate. I think this proposal is entirely appropriate and I am glad that we have managed our finances such that we do have reserves to cover impact on our budget. My only question is about the criteria for approval; Iwould like to understand how assessment of the need is determined i.e. that there is financial hardship due to COVID-19.  To see this report and its appendix see the meeting agenda and scroll down.

Click to access B533B32A1FB84A4596C98AD83C346D4F-FR-2021-19%20-%202021%20Tax%20Rates%20and%20Tax%20Billing%20-%20Appe.pdf

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