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Smart Boundary Adjustment on the ORM

On March 29 Council meeting there is a report for allowing implementation of a boundary adjustment.  There was a public planning meeting for this initiative in November 2019; conclusion of that meeting was that more work needed to be done as the proposed solution did not fully respect the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (ORMCP) which requires that no undersized lots are created for the current or intended purposes. As indicated in this report there has been some very creative work to develop a solution respectful of the property owner’s desires and the ORMCP.  And, I believe that the ORM is actually better protected now.  The productive agricultural land has not been fragmented and the key natural heritage feature (woodlot, a 10 meter buffer from its dripline and watercourse) has been put into a Environmental Protection Zone. Satisfying to see changes made which achieve property owners desires and yet do not sacrifice the ORMCP policies.


Firm “No” to MZO’s NOT Meeting PPS

On March 29 Council agenda there is a staff report with a recommendation on the Township response to the proposed changes to the Planning Act regarding MZO’s.  I am totally in support of the recommendation.  In December 2020 Council dealt with two requests from proponents for MZO’s.  In both cases we, i.e. Council, firmly said we are not interested in our planning decisions being made by the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing by issuing MZO’s.  This recommendation does not deal with the same aspect of MZO’s but it is very consistent.  This recommendation deals with the effort within Bill 257 which proposes that MZO’s do not need to be consistent with the PPS (Provincial Policy Statement) and that such latitude should be retroactive.  The report reviews very clearly why this liberty should not be given to MZO’s.

LTC at Marylake Monastery

On Feb. 8th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending a strategy for moving forward on the previously expressed interest of the Augustinian Fathers (Ontario), Inc (AFOI) to have a long term care facility (LTC) at Marylake.  The recommendations have surprised me; and given the information provided in the report I have signifcant concerns.  To recap history:  in December there was request for endorsement by Council to endorse a MZO to enable creation of a LTC, along with other facilities  (e.g. hotel, retirement village) at Marylake.  Council rejected with a 6/1 vote endorsing a MZO and recommended the estalishment of a roundtable to consult and discuss details of potential future uses and options.   (click here on minutes and go to page 4.)   As reviewed in the report, the latter has not occurred; and what we, Council, are now being asked is the following: i) accept that an LTC can be built there and be in compliance with the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (ORMCP), ii) delegate authority to Director to approve the site plan application when it is submitted.  The significance of the latter is that neither Council nor Public will know the basis for determining that the impact on the environmental features at Marylake are insignificant and hence that the LTC should be permitted.


Zoning Bylaw Amendment in Laskay

In Council February 8 agenda there is a report recommending an amendment to the zoning at 12828 Weston Road such that a new lot can be created and that a secondary dwelling in the form of an apartment in an accessory structure be permitted.  I am very supportive of the outcome of this project and its evident that a very thorough analysis has been conducted.  Its clear that there was signficant complexity:  the landscape includes TRCA regulated area,;there was already a secondary dwelling which had been created with no permits; the servicing plan (water and septic) had to be approved by the Medical Officer of YR.  Here are the schedules and appendices for the the report.

Click to access A223258C2C714EFAB7F8A4C5FB11669C-COW%20Item%20_3%20-%20GMS-PL-2021-004%20-%20Schedules%20and%20Appe.pdf


Rural Zoning Bylaw…one more meeting opportunity

There is one more session of the 1st round of public consultation meetings for the Rural Zoning Bylaw Zoning Bylaw.  Go to [email protected] to register.  That is also where you can find the draft discussion paper on the topic,  This final meeting is Wednesday Dec. 9 6-8PM; you need to register to receive the link for this virutal meeting.