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Assuming the Mary Lake Estates subdivision

On December 13 council agenda there is a report recommending that the Mary Lake Estates subdivision should be assumed by the Township. I am supportive of this proposal.

Draft Zoning Bylaw

On December 6 Council agenda is the draft zoning by law for the rural areas of King Township. The geographic area included in this bylaw is the whole Township except for the three villages. Here is the staff report which includes the draft bylaw and the schedules.  There is much that I am pleased about but there is one thing about which I am opposed. I am very pleased that the unique characteristics of the numerous hamlets is being respected and that our zoning bylaw will provide clarity on what on farm diversified use means. During the last four weeks I have submitted numerous comments and questions to the policy planner and have been impressed with the detailed responses. But I am very opposed to the effort to say that a long term care home, “as defined in the Long Term Care Homes Act, as amended” is in place today at the property referred to as the Marylake Monastery; see further below for explanation


Draft Rural Zoning Bylaw

There is a very important agenda item on the December 6 council planning agenda: proposed zoning bylaw for the countryside of King Township which means all of the land mass of King including the hamlets and the  Nobleton Village Reserve but not including the three villages of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg. There have been public consultations on this initiative; to see recordings of those meetings and to learn more about the initiative go to our SpeaKing page. You can attend virtually the December 6 meeting without registration; to provide comments by email or to register to make a deputation contact [email protected] by noon of Monday December 6. Here is the formal notice for this meeting.

Draft Rural Zoning Bylaw

A Draft Zoning By-law for the Countryside has been released for the rural areas of King Township i.e. the Countryside, Hamlets as well as the Nobleton Village Reserve Lands. A Zoning By-law regulates the types of land uses and the character, height, location, size and massing of buildings for all lands in the community.   To learn more about the process to date visit Two virtual 90 minute meetings have been held to present the bylaw and to respond to questions.  If you missed attending you can view the recordings at If you have feedback and comments submit such by Aug. 17 so that it can be incorporated into the final bylaw.  The latter will likely be brought to Council for approval in fall 2021.

Nobleton Servicing for Growth

York Region, Environmental Services is looking for  long-term water and wastewater servicing options for the Nobleton community. The Class EA solutions will support growth in the community and optimize the use of existing Regional infrastructure. Based on results of the technical studies and feedback from the public and stakeholders, preferred design solutions for both water and wastewater servicing in Nobleton have been selected.  Here is official notice. 

York Region invites you to attend the third online open house on July 20, 2021 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The open house will be held through a Zoom webinar platform, please pre-register for the online open house at:

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