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Input to draft York Region Official Plan

The agenda for the March 21 Council meeting includes a staff report recommending comments to be submitted to York Region (YR) regarding the draft York Region Official Plan (ROP). The ROP will guide the growth throughout YR to 2051 in conformity with the Growth Plan (2020); the magnitude of the growth (population and jobs) to be managed is dictated by the Province.  I have questions for staff to understand a couple details but in general I am supportive of the proposed feedback to YR.  As always members of the public can provide feedback and/or register to make deputations; to do so contact [email protected].


Softscaping: how much?

The agenda for the March 21 Council meeting includes a report reviewing 4 years of historical data about minor variance applications, specifically those about permeability; and it recommends preparation of amendments to the zoning bylaws for the three Villages based on insight from that data.   I have been patiently waiting for this report as it has been my impression that this criteria in our zoning bylaw i.e. the proportion of permeable surfaces on a lot, is one which is frequently subject to a variance application.  As we are living with climate change and the phenomenon of rainfalls which are more frequent and heavier I am concerned that the variances are potentially setting the stage for flooding on that property or on the neighbours as there is inadequate permeable surface to absorb it.  As I discuss further below there are two specific amendments which I do agree with; but other than that I am not sure about simply reducing the need for minor variance application by modifying the zoning bylaw. I need more information.


Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application in Countryside

The agenda for the Council Planning meeting on Monday January 31st includes an application for a zoning bylaw amendment for a rural property on the Lloydtown Aurora Rd west of Highway 400. The application’s purpose is to facilitate the severance of the property to create two rural residential lots.; in addition a new driveway access is proposed.  The subject property is within the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and is designated countryside; as such there are very specific policies within the plan relevant to the application. As noted in the report, per the new King Official Plan a severance and creation of two parcels is permitted. I have no comments about the application at this stage. As always deputations can be made or emailed comments can be sent.  For either contact [email protected] by noon on Jan. 31.

Assuming the Mary Lake Estates subdivision

On December 13 council agenda there is a report recommending that the Mary Lake Estates subdivision should be assumed by the Township. I am supportive of this proposal.

Draft Zoning Bylaw

On December 6 Council agenda is the draft zoning by law for the rural areas of King Township. The geographic area included in this bylaw is the whole Township except for the three villages. Here is the staff report which includes the draft bylaw and the schedules.  There is much that I am pleased about but there is one thing about which I am opposed. I am very pleased that the unique characteristics of the numerous hamlets is being respected and that our zoning bylaw will provide clarity on what on farm diversified use means. During the last four weeks I have submitted numerous comments and questions to the policy planner and have been impressed with the detailed responses. But I am very opposed to the effort to say that a long term care home, “as defined in the Long Term Care Homes Act, as amended” is in place today at the property referred to as the Marylake Monastery; see further below for explanation


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