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Active Transportation

On agenda for October 19 Council the report on Active Transportation has been brought back.  It was originally presented a month ago when some concerns were raised which required some additional research by Staff.  I am excited about this as it captures many ideas identified many times as being valuable enhancements to our daily living.   The importance of this Plan is accentuated by how increasing options for safe and pleasant use of active transportation modes can contribute to our effort to reduce greenhouse emissions as fossil fuel vehicles are one of the largest sources of GHG. Importantly it provides a methodolgy for setting priorities as there are budget constraints.     Here is the brief staff report recommending that Council receive the Plan for information; and here is the Plan.  As has been Township practice since COVID you can observe live stream at; and if you want to submit comments or register to make a deputation, contact [email protected] do so by noon Oct. 19.


Transportation Masterplan (TMP): final draft

On February 24 agenda there is the draft TMP with a recommendation for Council to approve it.  Changes have been made to draft presented in previous Council which, I believe, enhance the value of this masterplan.  I commented earlier about the plan; and want to make a couple additional comments.  I do have a couple points which I will be raising at Council; but overall I think this is a valuable document in defining the gaps in our infrastructure (either existing today or likely to exist given developments) which need to be addressed, and what actions we (more…)

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

Monday, Feb. 10 is TMP day in King.  2-4 PM there is a information meeting for public at Municipal Centre; this is excellent opportunity to talk directly with Staff and consultants, look at maps.  5-6PM is a working Council meeting; public can attend to hear presentations to Council.  6PM is council and 1st agenda item is the draft 2020 TMP; public can make deputations to Council.  Target is to approve the TMP at Feb. 24 Council meeting. As this plan’s scope is all our roads and active transportation ( sidewalks, trails) it is not surprising that its a big report.   Here is brief report reviewing background and objectives.  Here is the draft TMP. Its evident that residents’ feedback given during 2019 consultattions has been heard; the draft may not satisfy or please but it has been heard and considered and sometimes I think the draft will satisfy.  I am also pleased with the far reaching outlook; even though its objective is to identify transportation needs to 2031 there is perspective offered about needs beyond given current population forecasts from York Region. I have questions and concerns and will be asking questions on Monday.


GTA West Corridor

At November 4 Council meeting there will be a deputation by Ministry of Transport re:  the GTA West  Corridor,specifically the planning and environmental assessment study, stage 2.  I have made several posts on this issues reviewing my opposition; accordingly I was very disappointed when the new provincial government revived the EA which had been stopped.  I must admit that I have not paid attention to the matter since its revival so I do welcome hearing an update.  But, even though I am well aware that congestion on our regional and provincial roads is very bad I don’t believe additional roads for automobiles is a long term, sustainable solution; given the environmental costs of creating  this corridor alternate solutions needs to be expedited. Finally, spending scarce money on new roads seems really bizarre  given the climate crisis which many people and jurisdictions, King Township, acknowledge.

Proposed All Way Stop Signs

At November 4 Council meeting there are 2 reports reviewing proposals for installing all way stop signs in response to residernts in each of the area requesting such.  I am glad to see Staff assessing these requests even though the warrants (i.e. volume) of the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) are not being met.  I will be interested to learn whether there are identifiable risks associated with proceeding.  I am also interested to understand why there is a suggestion that there will be some sort of monitoring the success or the value of installing the signs at 16th Sideroad (northerly)  and 10th concession but there is no mention of doing so after installation at Elizabeth Grove and Patton Street.