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413: why it is so wrong

There are two recent stories in the media about the 413 Identifying the terrible consequences of the of this highway being constructed in the preferred route. The one in, based on a hiking tour through one area where the highway will be constructed, reviews the consequences on drinking water and on endangered species. The one in the  May 27 Globe & Mail features the responses of the agricultural community. This article would be judged to be a fair one as it includes responses and perspectives of both those in favor and those opposed. As this highway is figuring in the provincial election campaign it’s very timely to see both of these articles. As I have indicated in numerous posts over the last two years I believe this highway is too destructive and there is not a justification for it, particularly as there is a very reasonable alternative, specifically the 407 the underutilized 407.

Go Slower on the 17th (Dufferin-Jane)

On May 9th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending that the speed limit on the 17th sideroad between Dufferin St. and Jane St. be reduced from 60 kilometres an hour to 50. Per the report the reduced speed is being implemented in response to complaints from residents living on the 17th Sideroad. Volume of traffic is increasing and speed is also. If you would like to comment send your email to [email protected] or you can register at [email protected] to make a deputation; please register by noon on Monday May 9.

YR Trasportation Masterplan Update

Whether you walk, bike, drive or take transit, you may be interested in the second of three planned virtual Public Information Centres for the 2022 York Region Masterplan Update.  Its happening Wednesday, Oct. 20 7:30-8:30. Here is more information.

New Traffic Signals

York Region is making some very welcomed changes: traffic signals are being installed at the intersections of Davis drive and Dufferin and at the 17th Sideroad and Keele. To improve traffic flow. I am particularly pleased about 17th Sideroad/Keele as over the last few years I have heard from constituents that traversing this intersection safely was a concern. Work is in process and is scheduled to be completed by November 2021. The intersections will be opened duringconstruction but traffic may be limited to one lane only.

40 km speed limits

On Council May 10 agenda there is a report recommending that the default speed on all local and collector roads be 40 km whereas it is currently often 50 km.   As reviewed this was a tactic recommended in the Traffic Calming Strategy.  The report says that this lower limit will reduce frequency and severity of collisions; I believe it will also improve the feeling of safey for those walking on the road.  To see both the report and the list of roads for which speed will be reduced to the meeting agenda and scroll down.

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