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King Road “Re-make”

In 2019 and 2020 there will be significant road work on King Road in King City: Dufferin to new Municipal Centre.  Monday, April 8 at 6 PM at Municipal Centre there is an information meeting. Starts at 6PM with powerpoint presentation; in addition there will be display boards and opportunity for questions.  Its a pretty exciting project:  turn lanes into Municipal Centre, tree planting, bicycle lane, new sidewalks, decorative elements.  This is a joint project between Region and Township.

Amended Budget

On 3/18 Council agenda there is a report on an amended draft budget for 2019 and the 3 following years.  The amended one proposes a 2.3% increase (as opposed to 2.8%) on the township portion of the tax rate.  I think the proposal overall is reasonable although there are some individual choices about which I am not fully convinced.  Council is being asked to approve only the 2019 operating budget and 4 years of capital.   As was the case for 2018, if the assessed value of your property increases more than 6.56 % you will see the local municipal portion of your tax bill to increase more than 2.8%.  If it increased less than 6.56% it will increase less and may decrease.  I am interested to know what you think about this budget proposal; below I have provided some comments about the specifics.  (more…)

400-404 link Resolution

On Feb. 5 Council there is a draft resolution requesting that the design and construction of the Highway 400-404 link be expedited.  When we received a copy of a similar resolution from another municipality earlier I indicated that I would not be supporting it.  My reason:  over last couple years I have lobbied against the GTA West Corridor (Hwy 413).  I cannot now call for this link which will be 16 kilometers of pavement.  At a very macro level I understand the need; but, I do not understand the issues, the consequences of building it.

Street Lamps: LED Retrofit

Good to see the Staff report covering the conversion of street lamps across the Township to LED. As reviewed the program represents opportunity to annual cost savings in hydro costs; plus, an ongoing operating/maintenance program which will enable better responsiveness to address issues.  As reviewed the project is based on a contract with Amaresco who has executed comparable program with other municipalities.

I do have a couple questions and comments.

  • Essentially the “base” plan is to replace/upgrade whatever exists today in terms of lighting. i.e. As indicated there are roads with less lighting than what is desired; this program does not address this.
  • What is the decision process for adding light fixtures? Not everyone has common desire for amount of lighting.
  • Confirm that all lights are “dark sky.”
  • Finally, I do want to go and look at current lighting fixtures on a couple Ward 5 streets to understand choices being made re: specific forecast.

Widening Hwy 400: deputation for noise bylaw exemption

At May 8th Council there will be a deputation regarding an application by Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for a noise by-law exemption related to the widening of hwy 400 from 19th SDRD to 16th SDRD.  As indicated earlier the designs for this project are now available for public review; feedback needs to be submitted by May 12th.  Here is notice about the project.