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Radar Feedback Signs: one year later

As reviewed in the Staff report on 9/26 Council agenda, we have reached the end of the one year pilot programs of having radar feedback signs located on two local roads:  Kingscross Drive and Hazelbury Drive.  The signs were posted in response to traffic calming petitions which then precipitated traffic monitoring.  That monitoring showed that action needed to be taken.

As the report shows after one year the radar boards have not slowed the traffic or at least not significantly.  Its my recollection that the monitoring done  soon after the boards were installed on (more…)

Roads and Structures Needs Study–final

On 9/26 Council agenda there is the final report on the Roads and Needs Structure Study.  This study is critical input to our budget. Its quite clear that roads will continue to consume a significant portion of our capital dollars as the Study shows that there are roads requiring work “NOW” with an estimated cost of $19million. The Study also directs our effort to the right road segments taking into account both physical condition and traffic volume.  The Study with all the details as to how the rating process is done and how the priorities are called can be found there.  Here is the Staff report which essentially introduces the Study.

Here’s a very high level picture of our the state of our 302 km of roads for which we are responsible (i.e. does not include regional nor unassumed roads)

16% (48 km) of roads require resurfacing or construction improvements within 10 years with an estimated construction cost of $26 million.

7% (21 km) are rated as requiring work “NOW” with an estimated construction cost of $19 million.

Top 6 priorites

  • Cook Drive, Pottageville  ( Bachly Crescent
  • Dufferin St.  (Lloydtown Aurora Road to 19th)
  • South Canal Bank Road (Hwy 9 to Davis Road
  • Woodchopper’s Lane (Jane to Keele)
  • Keele (Kettleby Road to 19th)
  • Kettleby Road (Jane to Keele

For the top 10 , see page 11 of the Report.

YR Master Transportation Plan

York Region’s Transportation Plan has been completed and is now open for comments until September 15th.  This is not only about road projects although that does tend to dominate both in projects and required capital funds!  The plan includes bicycle routes and decisions about dedicated infrastructure; also plans for public transit and provision of safe walking infrastructure is included too.  The plan looks out to 2041.  I have only skimmed the report so far but I have absorbed enough to know that I am disturbed at the amount of new pavement being proposed over the next 25 years.  Whatever aspect of transportation interests you I encourage you to review the executive summary and provide feedback as indicated. For more details see further below.


King Station Streets get a top coat!

Finally…… the King Station community will see their road infrastructure improved with the topcoat  and as required repairs to curbs and sidewalks.  Council approved the award of contract with a total net budget of $855 thousand at July 11 Council.  People living on upper Burns Blvd, Langdon Drive, Findlay Ave., Denis Drive, Walkington Way have been patient:   top coat should have been applied when the sewer installations were done more than 6 years ago.  Work will start any day.

Roads, Bridges & Culverts: current state & capital strategy

On July 11 Council agenda there is a Staff report reviewing results of the recently completed Roads & Structures Needs Study.  And, the strategy for managing the capital requirements of the required maintenance is also presented.  As we have >300 km of roads, dozens of culverts and bridges, the capital strategy is very important. As noted in the report the needs over the next 5 years are estimated at $7million.  Note:  there is a presentation scheduled for this item.