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Mary Lake Estates: subdivision agreement

At 6/27 Council there is a report covering the subdivision agreement for Mary Lake subdivision south of 15th SDRD.  The agreement is between the Township and Mattamy (Monarch).  As is usual most the agreement is focused on building the infrastructure and the houses.  In this case there is one service being installed which will be of benefit to the broader King City community:  sidewalk will be built along Keele from McClure Drive to the 15th.   As reviewed in the report site alteration is already in process under the authority granted 11/26/16.  The subdivision agreement itself is lengthy; here is link to it

Traffic Enforcement: overview by York Region Police

At Monday June 13 Council there will be a presentation by York Region Police on traffic enforcement.  Very specifically, Superintendent Mark Brown and Inspector Paulo DaSilva will be presenting an overview of Police Traffic Enforcement Strategies and Current Trends.  To hear this presentation I recommend that you be at Council Chambers shortly after 6 PM.



Impact of draft YR Transportation Plan on King

As a follow up to the presentation by York Region Staff on their updated Transportation Master Plan, King Staff have reviewed it with an eye to understanding impact on King.  At April 18th Council our Staff’s report is on the agenda.  As reviewed in the report there are several areas where more information is required; clearly there are some “red flags.”  It appears that the Region continues to not provide a solution to the negative impact of the arterial roads going through our villages.   The proposed continuity of 15th Sideroad between Keele and Jane is a serious concern.

More Pavement in King

At March 7 Council York Region presented an update of their Transportation Plan.  You can see here their presentation.   Recommendations are scheduled to be made to York Region Council in June 2016; at that time I believe budget requirements and timelines are identified.  Map on page 17 of 21 shows road projects;  if implemented there is going to be a lot of new pavement across the Region and in King!  Given all the talk about reducing our carbon foot print and greenhouse gases it is somewhat shocking to see these plans to keep the growing traffic moving. To be fair, I need to acknowledge that the Plan also shows a rural bus connection and there are proposals for additional commuter parking lots.  I look forward to hear how King Staff assesses these plans in terms of impact on King.  I will let you know when their report is available.

Of particular concern to me are the road projects in King:  4 lane widening projects on Weston Road south of King Road, King Road west to beyond Hwy 27 and Dufferin south of 15th Sideroad.  The report also shows  15th Sideroad connecting to Hwy 400. The latter is particularly concerning given proximity to the shallow wells in Kingscross and the natural heritage features in the area.

York Region Transportation Plan

At March 7 Council York Region will review the York Region Master Transportation Plan.  As King is very much impacted by regional roads I am very much looking forward to it.  The Region hosted an open house event in December which some King residents attended; from them I have heard about a couple projects of interest to King, including one involving the 15th SDRD.  This presentation is not presenting projects approved; but rather proposals to take to Regional Council in June.

At the following Council meeting (i.e. 3/21), there will be a Staff Report which will address projects and issues identified n the 3/7 presentation. And at the 3/21 meeting deputations from public will be received.