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Transportation Master Plan

Council provided direction to Staff about the Transportation Master Plan presented at last meeting.  As there were a couple issues  (either not enough clarity or lack of agreement) the Plan was not approved; at Council on June 8th some revisions are being presented There is more clarity on what it means when  a road is identified as a collector road; rather than being a “flag” of more traffic to come it is really a much needed indicator of the need for that road to be given priority for winter maintenance, the need to consider sidewalks & bike lanes for it, the need to assess traffic calming. Staff is specifically recommending the uploading of 2 roads to Region and are seeking Council agreement to initiate discussions.  As discussed at the 5/28 Council meeting, approving this strategy is critical to enable good financial planning (short and long term capital budgets) land and very importantly to include approving costs in our new development charges.

Transportation Master Plan

As I indicated earlier, the Transportation Masterplan is on the agenda for May 25.  Here is the very brief report which essentially identifies next steps and how insights from the work done to date will be used in planning for capital budget, the Development Charge by-law; in addition it identifies discussions with York Region for uploading roads.  To read the masterplan please click here.  For those interested in this initiative I urge you to attend Council in time to hear the presentation from the consultant.  I anticipate that the presentation will be shortly after 6 PM.

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan will be on the Council agenda on May 25.  As I have attend the various meetings for our Official Plan review and the Nobleton Zoning By-law there has always been at least one person asking when the transportation master plan would be presented.  It is finally here.  I cannot comment on it as I have not reviewed it yet.  Click here to see the lengthy report without all the background and appendices.  To see everything click here and you can pick out which background point etc. you want.

Here is notice of the report being on Council agenda.

Collard, Winter, Scott Reconstruction

Reconstruction of Collard, Winter and Scott will be begin now that the contract has been awarded.  As reviewed in the staff report, project has a hefty price tag of ~$960,000 but clearly current conditions warrant it.  I have asked Staff to be very proactive in their communications with the residents with project status throughout the construction process.

York Region Transit Service Review: current and future

I heard some positive news at the VIVA/YRT public information meeting held in King on Monday.  The 5 year plan includes developing a strategy for delivering a rural transit strategy.  I consider this as positive as up until now there has been no consideration for providing transit to those who live rural; but, the consistent message from Mayor Pellegrini, myself and others have been heard.  I believe the experience with our local 61 (the bus which meets 2 of the GO trains with rural passengers) has also caused transit leadership to think more creatively about the need.   What a strategy for rural transit will be is far from clear; but as it needs to be sustainable for York Region to fund it, it will be a creative one with likely many types of transit.  For example, it might include some sort of “dial-a-ride.” I also learned that the strategy for local 61 is being reviewed; the funding to continue it is there but there is a desire to make it more effective and efficient.

I also learned that VIVA/YRT is making some good interventions to improve accessibility.  I was impressed to hear that when a customer makes arrangements with MobilityPlus that include an interface with TTC (Wheel-Trans), Mobility Plus (i.e. the YR service) makes the arrangement with the TTC whereas before the customer had to do so.

Here is the link to read information presented at the meeting.  And you will see there contact information for providing any feedback.