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Collard, Winter, Scott Reconstruction

Reconstruction of Collard, Winter and Scott will be begin now that the contract has been awarded.  As reviewed in the staff report, project has a hefty price tag of ~$960,000 but clearly current conditions warrant it.  I have asked Staff to be very proactive in their communications with the residents with project status throughout the construction process.

York Region Transit Service Review: current and future

I heard some positive news at the VIVA/YRT public information meeting held in King on Monday.  The 5 year plan includes developing a strategy for delivering a rural transit strategy.  I consider this as positive as up until now there has been no consideration for providing transit to those who live rural; but, the consistent message from Mayor Pellegrini, myself and others have been heard.  I believe the experience with our local 61 (the bus which meets 2 of the GO trains with rural passengers) has also caused transit leadership to think more creatively about the need.   What a strategy for rural transit will be is far from clear; but as it needs to be sustainable for York Region to fund it, it will be a creative one with likely many types of transit.  For example, it might include some sort of “dial-a-ride.” I also learned that the strategy for local 61 is being reviewed; the funding to continue it is there but there is a desire to make it more effective and efficient.

I also learned that VIVA/YRT is making some good interventions to improve accessibility.  I was impressed to hear that when a customer makes arrangements with MobilityPlus that include an interface with TTC (Wheel-Trans), Mobility Plus (i.e. the YR service) makes the arrangement with the TTC whereas before the customer had to do so.

Here is the link to read information presented at the meeting.  And you will see there contact information for providing any feedback.

Snow Clearance Standards

There is a very timely report at February 23 Council:  winter maintenance standards for sidewalks and municipal parking areas.  The standards identifies how resources (personnel and equipment) are to be deployed in order to deliver the service of timely clearance of snow from sidewalks and municipal parking lots.  The guidelines include priorities and timelines; by clicking here you can see the maps which accompany the report.

The guidelines demonstrate that priorities are set with very thoughtful consideration; and that the resources are being deployed very judiciously.

Kingscross Traffic Calming: change in process

Impact of traffic speed on pedestrian safety is a hot topic in Kingscross Estates. Staff is on track to present a recommendation to Council in late winter (i.e. April 2015) on traffic calming.  There is however, a change in steps leading up to that recommendation; there will not be a confidential survey conducted by Staff to get a reading on the community’s level of support or lack thereof for speed humps.  The survey step has been abandoned as it would not contribute to the decision making; as the last round of data collection (volume of traffic and speed) showed that the warrants for speed humps were not met, a confidential survey was not going to drive a decision about speed humps.  The forthcoming report will include results of traffic monitoring conducted since the last report.

As I know that people have very strong feelings on both sides of the issue I feel particularly bad about having to indicate that there is a change in the process.  But, when I was reviewing with Staff the plan and realized that the survey was not going to be productive I agreed that we needed to drop it.


Hwy 400 Widening–Design & Construction Report

The Provincial project to widen highway 400 from 19th Sideroad to .9 KM north of South Canal Road continues.  A Design and Construction Report is available for public review at several locations including the King City Library and Township Office (Clerk’s Department) up until January 24, 2015.   Public can make comments.  Here is notice of the report; it reviews purpose and contact co-ordinates for futher information.


Click to access Notice-of-Design-and-Construction-Report-Submission.pdf