Council Inauguration

Nov 21, 2022 | Debbie in the Community | 2 comments

I know that some are planning to attend in person the Council Inauguration Monday, November 21 at 6 pm.  You can also watch it from the comfort of your home as it is being livestreamed.  Either way I hope you can come!



  1. Mary Bromley

    The day after Council’s inauguration….
    Councillor Schaefer, you have once again not disappointed in your commitment to protect King’s fragile environment that so defines what King has managed to try to hold on to. Your speech last night so beautifully articulated why so much of southern Ontario is outraged at the Ford government’s reckless dismantling of the Greenbelt…something Premier Ford said he would never do. Lands that are even the most sensitive….’Natural Heritage’ which include wetlands…are to be developed. Mr. Ford seems to be creating ‘hungry’ developers into the definition of “oligarchs” and all at the expense of those who need low-cost housing near services that are within existing urban boundaries. It is disastrous planning for the climate crisis, takes planning power away from municipalities which you so rightly pointed out took King years to craft what suited our rural commitment. And with the thread of arable land across Ontario, how are we expected to grow our own food for future food security with climate change if we pave over our farmland. Thank you, Debbie, for speaking out last night. MPP Lecce was there. I hope he heard you ‘loud and clear’ and also the audience’s response to your warnings of the dangers of Bill 23. I look forward to seeing what new Council can do to take back power from all that the Bill takes away.

    • Debbie

      Thank you Mary. Inaugurations are always important; I felt it incumbent on me to unveil the elephant which is truly going to damage so much.


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