Significant change is occurring across the Township. In 2016 population is 25,400; we are planning for 34,900 by 2031.  Employment is currently 9,960; forecasted to grow to 11,900 by 2031.

In King City specifically, population is scheduled to increase from 6,900 to 15,300 in the same period.  Employment is to grow from 1,960 to 2970.

How Development is Managed

The Planning Act  requires specific information be provided to a municipality in order to appropriately review development applications. A municipality is required to reply to proponents regarding the ‘completeness’ of applications within a specified time frame. In addition, a municipality is required to ensure that the submitted information is readily accessible to the public.

King Township’s Planning Department manages the process above. The Planning Department has complete information on all developments in King Township.

For a more thorough  explanation of how  development is managed I recommend you look at Citizens’ Guide to Land Use Planning which is available on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing website.  There has been a significant change in the process for challenging development applications.  Prior to April 2018 challenges were processed through a system called Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  The latter has been replaced by LPAT (Land Use Planning Tribunal).  I have written several posts on LPAT; to learn more I suggest you search “LPAT” on this blog. (Search box is at lower right of home page.)



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