2022 – 2026 Platform

Climate Action

Influence the plan for community engagement in actions to respond to climate change.

King Energy Management & Conservation Plan

Climate Action Success is:
  1. all King residents and businesses understanding how they can reduce their impact on the climate,
  2. taking actions to reduce that impact and
  3. taking action to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Ensure that the King Energy Management & Conservation Plan is met and seek to beat it by delivering the original target of a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas by 2030.

Leverage our growth to enhance the community
Leveraging Growth Success is:
  1. Our population growth is within the current boundaries
  2. Our new dwellings are built in a manner which scores high on our green building scale and finally
  3. The current community benefits as we can deliver more and better services. (Example of latter: 46% of the new Township Wide Recreation Centre is funded by developers.)
  4. Our employment growth is within our currently designated employment areas
Protect and treasure our natural assets
Protecting Natural Asset Success is:
  1. We do not compromise the Oak Ridges Moraine.
  2. Creating and implementing a policy to protect our mature canopy and ensuring we implement policies to ensure that it is being renewed continuously.
Cost Pressure Sensitivity

Having acceptable property tax increases without jeopardizing future.

Cost Pressure Sensitivity Success is:

Having acceptable property tax increases without jeopardizing future.

Specific Projects
Kettleby Road Reconstruction
GO train noise mitigation
Success is:
Public consultation regarding design is scheduled for fall 2022 and construction to start in 2023.
Whistle cessation to be implemented and noise barriers installed (timing still to be confirmed by Metrolinx).