The growth identified below is a challenge given human nature:  change is difficult.

To achieve the growth identified below there will be residential units (dwellings) built in a form not traditionally seen in King City.  Our Official Plan permits 6 storeys in certain conditions.  The challenge will be to ensure that we are assessing those conditions correctly, particularly the impact on the immediate extant neighbourhood.  The challenge is particularly acute in King City at GO Train station where higher density is appropriate given the station.

King City population
King City employment
King Township population
King Township employment
2031 vs 2016
+ 8,600
+ 1,015
+ 9,400
+ 1,940
Total in 2031
By 2051

And the growth is a challenge because it is messy and noisy.  The noise factor is particularly acute for those who live in the vicinity of the GO train station.  There is a strategy for implementing whistle cessation but it is not happening as quickly as wanted.  The schedule is very much in the control of Metrolinx.

Climate Change

The science, the technology for reducing GHG and energy conservation is known but the technology usually has upfront capital costs which can be daunting.  Finding ways to finance the right technologies is a challenge. 

As evident it is challenging to get  the King Community Action Plan launched in King.  I am confident that the start up problems will soon be behind us.


On average, the Township portion of municipal taxes increased by only 1.11% between 2018-2022. It is unlikely that this can be maintained without eliminating or downgrading services particularly given rate of inflation at time of writing and the urgency of responding to climate change.  Township has been successful in applying for grants from various entities and different orders of government; that clearly needs to continue.