My Accomplishments during my 3rd Term
on King Township Council (2018 – 2022)

Walked the Talk for Climate Action:

  • Seconded the Mayor’s resolution to declare a climate emergency;
  • Advocated for more aggressive targets in corporate energy and conservation plan;
  • Advocated for the renovation and revitalization of the Schomberg Community Hall to be completed with maximum use of carbon-neutral building materials and the elimination of heating with fossil fuels;
  • Advocated for new Township Wide Recreation Centre to meet Passive House standards;
  • Championed for better tree protection;
  • Advocated for the elimination of gas-fired generators in the Ontario electricity supply mix;
  • Founding member of Climate Action King.

Improved Active Transportation Options:

  • Selected paths to receive winter maintenance;
  • Promoted the illumination of the path from King Road to the GO station through the valley via the dog park.
Advocated for Modest Increase in Property Taxes (in response to cost of living pressures exacerbated by COVID):

  • In 2022, Council approved only a 0.75% increase to the Township’s portion to add service enhancements;
  • On average, the Township portion of municipal taxes increased by only 1.11% between 2018-2022.

Careful Strategic Financial Management:

Ensured ability to maintain infrastructure (such as pipes and roads) throughout the life cycle, including replacement, and to be capable of delivering new or better services with construction of new assets without undue pressure on taxpayers

New Assets Wisely Financed

  • New King City Library and Seniors’ Centre (officially opened 2022):
  • total budget of $10.7 million;
    • 50% funded by development charges;
    • 28% by a 10-year debenture;
  • New Township-Wide Recreation Centre (targeted to open fall 2024):
  • total budget of $86 million;
    • 19% ($16.1 million) funded by developer contributions;
    • 27% ($22.9 million) by development charges;
    • 45% ($38.8 million) by federal/provincial grants;
    • 5%   ($4.1 millions) by growth & infrastructure reserve fund;
    • 5%   ($3.9 million) by infrastructure reserve fund.

Responded Strongly to Assaults on the Environment:

  • Challenged a proposal to build a new long-term-care facility at the Mary Lake Monastery as it is my interpretation that it is not permitted under the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan;
  • Challenged, from its inception, the proposed GTA West Corridor (highway 413) due to its inherent environmental damage. I initiated two resolutions that were endorsed by Council:
      • In April 2021, my resolution withdrew King Township’s initial support for this highway;
      • In April 2022, my resolution reiterated withdrawal of support for this highway and proposed a relatively immediate solution to the congestion with the removal or reduction of tolls on the 407 ETR.

Strong and Informed Response to Development Applications:

  • Commented on all development applications with particular attention made to the environmental impact and net benefit to the community. My comments were based on the careful reading of staff reports, documents from proponents and input from residents along with knowledge of relevant policies.
  • To see details of development applications in Ward 5 and my aseessment of them refer to the Developments page.

 New Amenities for Ward 5 (accessible to all King residents):

  • New King City Library and Seniors’ Centre (officially opened 2022)
  • New Township-Wide Recreation Centre (targeted to open fall 2024):
  • Neighbourhood Parks Created or Enhanced (to be installed summer 2022):
    • in Kingsview, play structures in the green space at the Heritage & Cultural Centre;
    • at Kettle Lake Park, play structures for older children.
  • a community operated outdoor rink will be added to the Kettle Lake Park for the 2022-2023 winter season.
Participated in the Update of Important Policies:

  • Official Plan (“Our King”) was adopted in 2019 – first revision since 1973;
  • Zoning Bylaw for the Countryside – final draft to be presented to Council in September 2022 – first revision since 1974;
  • Community Improvement Plan refreshed in 2021;
  • Green Development Standards Program adopted by Council in November 2020.
  • 2019-2023 King Township Corporate Energy Management and Conservation Plan
  • King Climate Action Plan-final draft pending community consultation