Municipal Election 2018




I am delighted that I will continue to be at the Council table!  Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I ran for re-election as I wanted to continue serving King residents and businesses as I felt good about my contributions.   Furthermore I knew that there are challenges and opportunities ahead for the Township which require analysis, debate and tough decision making.



Possible amendments to One King (our new official plan)

On Council Oct. 19 agenda there is a report recommending the criteria for accepting (not approving) applications for amendments to our recently approved official plan, One King.  As indicated in the report the Planning Act does provide a 2 year moratorium on official plans (i.e. amendments are not allowed); but it also allows a municipality to define any exceptions to the moratorium.  I can see the wisdom of allowing exceptions; but clearly such need to be very limted, well defined or the benefit of the moratorium is lost.  I generally agree with the exception criteria recommended but do have some questions, particularly re: # 6 which is related to the Municipal Comprehensive Review.  I wonder if there should be an additional criteria that an application which would substantially advance our climate action plan should be considered. As indicated in the report accepting an application is NOT indication of either Staff support or Council approval; it is only agreement to start the review process.

Climate Change Action Plan in King

The second webinar about the King Climate Change Action Plan is Thursday, Oct. 22 at 6 pm.  You can register just before joining in but if you register now you will get a gentle reminder in your email closer to the date.  The first one was on 1o/19 and was taped; it is to be made available for viewing but at time of writing this post it has not been done so.  You will find it and more background here.

  • Information covered includes data on where emissions in King are coming from; #1 source is transportation at 44% and #2 is residential dwelligs at 27%
  • Perspective offered includes implications of the longer growing season and the few frost days
  • Possible actions citizens can take to make a difference

There is a role for each of us in responding to the impacts of climate change.  Hope you can join the webinar.  Format of the 1st one included opportunity for listeners & viewers to ask questions, make comments.


Active Transportation

On agenda for October 19 Council the report on Active Transportation has been brought back.  It was originally presented a month ago when some concerns were raised which required some additional research by Staff.  I am excited about this as it captures many ideas identified many times as being valuable enhancements to our daily living.   The importance of this Plan is accentuated by how increasing options for safe and pleasant use of active transportation modes can contribute to our effort to reduce greenhouse emissions as fossil fuel vehicles are one of the largest sources of GHG. Importantly it provides a methodolgy for setting priorities as there are budget constraints.     Here is the brief staff report recommending that Council receive the Plan for information; and here is the Plan.  As has been Township practice since COVID you can observe live stream at; and if you want to submit comments or register to make a deputation, contact [email protected] do so by noon Oct. 19.


Traffic Calming

Prior to the October 19th council meeting which begins at 6pm there is a Committe of the Whole Working Session beginning at 5pm.  Members of the public may attend this virtual meeting at which the consultants who have been working on the Traffic Calming Strategy will present their draft Plan and will take questions from Council.  I anticipate that in the near future at another Council meeting a recommendation for traffic calming will be presented.

Responding to Climate Change in King

Want to hear about plans to respond to climate change impacts in King? Want to get engaged. Join the webinars on Oct. 15 and 22 at 6 pm.  Links for the webinars are below.  For more information as to the topics presented at each see here.

Thanksgiving Greetings


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  It is a challenging time for all of us. But, I do believe that we each have a long list for which we can give gratitude.   At the top of my list is the following:  I am profoundly grateful to be living where I am.  I am reminded of the impact of this every day as I see the response to the pandemic from the various jurisdications who regulate my life and I see the continued generosity of people and the care being shown to others. I wish for all a safe and happy weekend.