As announced earlier I have registered as a candidate for Ward 5  in the upcoming municipal election.  I will be using this blog to communicate my platform.

I will also continue use this blog to inform you of issues within the Township which are being assessed at the Council table.  And I will also continue to tell you about events happening in the Township which are of interest.

I have valued comments I have received from readers either on the blog or sent separately; I hope this will continue.



Tax Rates and Tax Billing

The agenda for the May 30 council meeting includes a staff report recommending the tax rate for 2022. In November Council approved a tax increase of.75%  for the Township portion of the tax rate. The average increase for the Township portion of municipal tax has averaged only 1.11 per cent between 2018 and 2022, one of the lowest in the GTA.  The May 30  report identifies the final tax rate including both the regional and education portions. You can register to make a deputation by contacting [email protected] by noon on May 30 or you can send an email to [email protected]

Capital Spending

The agenda for the May 30 council meeting includes a report on capital spending and projects for January-March 2022.  It provides a status on all projectrs.  Of special interest is the reporting how the grant of $300,000 from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund is being used. It was directed to the capital project to renovate and revitalize the Schomberg Community Hall. With this grant the renovation of this much loved community building is is more sustainable and supportive of our desire to respond to climate change.  Specifically with the grant carbon neutral building materials have been used. I will be asking staff what the measurable benefit is of using these materials.  You can register to make a deputation by contacting [email protected] by noon on May 30 or you can send an email to [email protected]

See You At The Fair!

Come out to enjoy the 172nd annual Schomberg Agricultural Fair and Parade in the village of Schomberg. There are lots of activities lined up for the weekend such as the midway, food and entertainment vendors, live music, demolition derby, and lots more. Here are all the events starting Friday (5/27) at 4 PM and running through to Sunday afternoon.  It has been missed for2 years; but it is back.  Imaagine:  it has been giving us such joy for 172 years!

413: why it is so wrong

There are two recent stories in the media about the 413 Identifying the terrible consequences of the of this highway being constructed in the preferred route. The one in, based on a hiking tour through one area where the highway will be constructed, reviews the consequences on drinking water and on endangered species. The one in the  May 27 Globe & Mail features the responses of the agricultural community. This article would be judged to be a fair one as it includes responses and perspectives of both those in favor and those opposed. As this highway is figuring in the provincial election campaign it’s very timely to see both of these articles. As I have indicated in numerous posts over the last two years I believe this highway is too destructive and there is not a justification for it, particularly as there is a very reasonable alternative, specifically the 407 the underutilized 407.

Parkland Bylaw Administrative Update

The agenda for the May 30 council meeting includes a staff report which presents a Parkland dedication bylaw update. As clearly identified the update of this very important bylaw is largely an administrative type  update as opposed to being one modifying the substance of the bylaw. As reviewed the update is triggered by a legislative need; specifically it needs to be reapproved before September 18 2022 because of Bill 197. Readers may be  interested to read the report as it’s an opportunity to see how Parkland is acquired when there are developments in the Township. Acquiring good quality Parkland as the Township grows with residential development is critical if the Township is going to continue to have desirable, livable communities.

Nobleton Fireworks

The best way to enjoy fireworks is to see the great spectacle in Nobleton on Monday, May 23 at the Nobleton Arena.  Be sure to go  early because parking and space fills quickly. For the best views, attendees are welcome to sit in the field behind the Nobleton Arena at 15 Old King Road. The show starts at dusk.  As reviewed in an earlier post Township is reducing the amount of fireworks being set off because of fire risk and potential harm to animals and persons; enjoying the display in Nobleton is the way to enjoy colourful displays in the sky.


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