Municipal Election 2018




I am delighted that I will continue to be at the Council table!  Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I ran for re-election as I wanted to continue serving King residents and businesses as I felt good about my contributions.   Furthermore I knew that there are challenges and opportunities ahead for the Township which require analysis, debate and tough decision making.



Help With Recycling

King Township’s recently launched mobile recycling app is getting a make-over and a long list of new features.  King recently partnered with Recycle Coach to launch the mobile app to help residents become expert
recyclers and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.  Here are more details.  Citizens are encouraged to visit to learn more. Recycle Coach is available on desktop and mobile. The free app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Kingbridge & Seneca Collaboration

As I  posted earlier Kingbridge is changing and has an intent to become an Innovation Centre/Living Lab. There is opportunity to learn more about this:  on May 11 at 10 AM Mayor Pellegrini will be part of a fireside chat with Seneca President David Agnew and Prashant Pathak Chair (new owner) of the Kingbridge Centre to elaborate on their collaborative effort. As indicated in the press release of Seneca and Kingbridge  focus will be on the sectors of agriculture, food production & processing, energy and environment.   You can watch & listen to the above mentioned fireside chat.


Keele & Clearview Heights

At May 10 Council there is a report regarding the development proposal at Keele/Clearview Heights.  If anyone wonders why the public is often hostile to development proposals this one illustrates why. From the 1st application which dates back to March 2017  the feedback from community and Staff has generally been that it lacks respect and consideration of the residential neighbourhood abutting it.  Since then there have several amendments and no substantive response to the feedback.  The report provides a very comprehensive technical review of all the problems with this proposal.  As a lay person I simply say: it is far too long along Keele, the total absence of softscaping makes me wonder if the architect thinks the location is in an established very dense urban community; the total absence of visitor parking is unacceptable.  Its evident that the goal is maximum profit and not creating a place which contributes to the character of King City and leverages its unique location of proximity to the GO train station. Unfortunately approval of this is out of our hands as it is at LPAT.  To see the report and all appendices see the agenda and scroll down.  To make deputations, either orally or by email email [email protected] by noon May 10.

Deputations of Interest at May 10 Council

At Monday May 10 Council meeting there are 3 scheduled deputations on issues of interest:  York Region Police Services in King, Bradford By-pass, York Region 2051 Forecast.  Tune in for the livestream of Council to hear these presentations; they will start shortly after 6 pm.  Below are more details.


Heritage & Cultural Masterplan

At May 10 Council there will be a presentation and report on the Heritage & Cultural Masterplan.  The purpose of this Plan is to guide the Staff in maintaining King’s unique identity, care for its heritage collections and celebrate our cultural assets. As reviewed in the report consultation on the Plan started in November 2019; target is to bring the final draft back to Council in June 2021 incorporating feedback received on this draft.  The Plan is impressive in its scope and also in the detail. It is a 10 year Plan; it lays out what is wanted and defines when the specifics will be done.  It presents a plan for the Heritage & Cultural Centre (HCC) to truly become “a happening place” throughout the year with a goal of being of interest to all demographics and not just to the Township’s residents.  And very importantly the scope of prgramming is not exclusive to the HCC in King City; municipal assets (buildings and open spaces) are to be utilized for programming and exhibitions. If you wish to make a deputation about the report and the Masterplan register with [email protected] by noon May 10; or to same address and same timing send an email.  I also suggest if you have some feedback about Masterplan specific you can send that to [email protected]

Corporate Strategic Plan: Year 2 Progress Report

On May 10 Council agenda there is a comprehensive report on Year 2 of the corporate strategic plan.  As to be expected progress as not been made on a number of indicators due to the COVID-19 disruption.  But the report shows that a lot of work has been accomplished.  To see the report and all the appendices go to meeting agenda and scroll down.