Municipal Election 2018




I am delighted that I will continue to be at the Council table!  Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I ran for re-election as I wanted to continue serving King residents and businesses as I felt good about my contributions.   Furthermore I knew that there are challenges and opportunities ahead for the Township which require analysis, debate and tough decision making.



Community Operated Outdoor Rinks

On the Council agenda for the September 27 meeting there is a staff report recommending a new increased service level: community operated outdoor skating rinks in response to requests that community members have made. As reviewed in the report an outdoor rink can be implemented at Rafferty’s Corners Park in King City in the upcoming winter season; two other locations King City may be executed depending on other projects. Possible locations in Nobleton and Schomberg have been identified for implementation in the following winter season. The report reviews the financing plan including a developer contribution and accessing the mayor’s annual golf reserve for the capital; operational costs are estimated ~$2,500/site and will need to be included in annual budget reviews. As indicated the rinks will be maintained by community members. I think it is very appropriate that we are implementing this higher level service in an incremental manner; it will give opportunity to validate that there is a sustained interest in such;  last season during the pandemic closures interest was very high. I am going to be asking for confirmation about the operational plans for the  existing outdoor rinks.

I am very pleased to see the concept being proposed as I think we often miss the opportunity to provide a service by utilizing the capabilities of community members.

Trail to GO train station

On the Council agenda for the September 27th meeting there is a report regarding the trail from the GO train station north parking lot which goes up north to King Road.  This trail is an important piece of infrastructure contributing to our active transportation strategy. Having said that, the report only addresses the portion of the trail up to the point that it is behind the houses at the northern end of Hogan Court.  As the report explains this portion was built as part of the King Station phase three development and that it is now time for the municipality to assume the trail. As reported the municipality received funding from both provincial and federal government to enhance the trail with paving and some lighting. If it were a recreational trail I would regret the paving; but as it is intended as a way too reach the GO train without using a car I am supportive of the paving. I will be asking about the winter maintenance program.

Truth & Reconciliation

Monday September 27 is the last day to reserve to attend in person the Truth and Reconciliation event at the King Heritage and Cultural Centre. Here is more information about this event which has been planned by volunteers and staff at the KHCC.  Note:  there is some confusion on start time.  I have seen both 10AM and 9AM;  ask for confirmation when you reserve.

Truth & Reconciliation: event at Heritage & Cultural Centre

On September 30th at 10 AM, we are invite to join the King Heritage & Cultural Centre for the 1st National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. The agenda for the day includes staff and volunteers, reading through the 94 Calls To Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission followed by a guided discussion.  The Township’s entire collection of our Indigenous collection which will be displayed and there will be discussion of its history and of its merit.

All participants are encouraged to wear Orange Shirts in recognition of the lives lost at residential schools across Canada. Participation is free and available in person at the King Heritage & Cultural Centre or on Instagram Live @KingMuseum.
To participate in person please RSVP to [email protected] no later than Monday, September 27, 2021.

Electric Cars: opportunities to learn

If you are thinking about purchasing an electri car and still have some questions there is a repeat of Climate Action’s webinar about electric car.  The previous 3 have been enthisastically reviewed by attendees.  Its Wednesday September 22 at 7pm.   For registration go to www.ClimateActionKing.caOn the website you will also find the opportunity to listen to tape of one of the previous ones; it does not include the very valuable question and answer portion.  

And…as I posted earlier Climate Action King is hosting a Plug ‘n Drive event October 2nd in King.

Hear the King-Vaughan Candidates September 16

The King Chamber of Commerce is hosting a virtual town hall Thursday, September 16 at 6:00 PM with the candidates running in the Federal election.  The plan is for us to hear the candidates from the various parties who are running for election in our riding.  To attend this event it is necessary to register at the Chamber’s website.