Municipal Election 2018




I am delighted that I will continue to be at the Council table!  Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I ran for re-election as I wanted to continue serving King residents and businesses as I felt good about my contributions.   Furthermore I knew that there are challenges and opportunities ahead for the Township which require analysis, debate and tough decision making.



Run for Southlake Virtual Challenge

September 23-  is the annual Southlake Walk & Run.  If you haven’t signed up this is a good way for you alone or with friends & family to make a donation to Southlake AND to give yourself a reason to go out and have a walk in the sun in beautiful King.  If you do decide to participate  register with Team King.  Or, you can simply make a donation.

Corporate Strategic Plan: 2019 results and final plan

In Council agenda there is a lengthy report with appendices presenting final draft for approval of the 2019-2022 Corporate Strategic Plan and the annual progress report for 2019.   Appendix A reviews the 4 priority areas and how progress will be tracked.  I have a couple clarification questions but overall I like that our Staff has implemented this initiative.  Value for the employees and leadership is quite evident; the greater clarity on objectives, the better they will be able to serve you.  And very importantly I think it offers good value to you, the residents of King.  Each of us have specific needs & wants in terms of what is desired from the municipality.  I think this enables one to see whether what you need or want is being improved or whether there is even an intention to improve it.  Appendix B provides a report on 2019 work.  Appendix C is the booklet describing the process of a Corporate Strategic Plan. To access all the links go to agenda page and scroll to 10.2.

Not the Usual Sales Centre.

On Council agenda there is a staff report recommending a zoning bylaw amendment to allow a sales centre to be located temporarily at Keele/Carmichael.  The situation is unusual in that the residences for sale are to be built on the east side of King City.  The proposed location is a house built by same builder a couple years ago which has not been occupied.  The residents in proximity to the proposed location voiced strong oppostion at the fall public meeting; a number of mitigation actions have been proposed and are reflected in the report.  I understand the opposition.  Having said that I am supportive of Staff recommendation to approve for several reasons including the following. i) Would be buyers wishing to check out the builder’s craft will be very limited and controlled given the protocols proposed including limited hours and limited tasks conducted at the house.  Specifically meetings with buyers re: sales agreement/financing and design will be done elsewhere.  ii) This a positive plan in terms of environmenal impact:  sometimes a model home is not retained post sales period i.e. there is construction debris; and 3 additional trees will be planted on the property than would be done normally.

Financial Impact of COVID

On Council agenda Sept. 21 there is a staff report reviewing forecasted cost impact of COVID-19 for this calendar year.  The anticipated cost is significantly mitigated by the Federal/ Provincial Safe Start Agreement.  Specifically, forecasted net impact is a deficit of $125,000; the gross cost is forecasted to be $700,000.  The government support is clearly very welcomed.  In addition I am extremely appreciative of the aggresive effort made by our Staff to mitigate the cost impact.  They were creative in reducing costs and there was willingness to do things differently.

The largest source of costs is in our community services and programs & events. During Phases 1 and 2 variable costs of our facilities were minimized as lights, for example were lowered/turned off and staff was redeployed.  But, with Phase3 we are planning to start re-opening some of the facilities and to offer some programming. Full operational costs will resume; and because of health regulations there will be additional costs for required sanitization.  The latter costs in 2 ways; there is the actual materials/products for doing so and the labour to apply plus capacity of the facility is reduced as time needs to be alloted for the cleaning acitivity.  As these recreational programs are important for mental and physical health I am very supportive of resuming them and supporting them.  Second largest source of cost is the waiving of penalties & interest for both property taxes and water bills.  I believe this was necessary and appropriate support to out residents and businesses as we were all adjusting to the implications of the shutdowns.

Active Transportation Plan

On Council agenda Monday Sept. 21 there is a large important report on the Active Transportation Plan.  I am excited about this as it captures many ideas identified many times as being valuable enhancements to our daily living (e.g. midblock pedestrian crossings) and provides good perspective on the costs and other constraints to implementing.  Very importantly it provides a methodolgy for setting priorities. The importance of this Plan is accentuated by how increasing options for safe and pleasant use of active transportation modes can contribute to our effort to reduce greenhouse emissions as fossil fuel vehicles are one of the largest sources of GHG.  I know that many citizens have engaged in this process to provide ideas and feedback.  Here is the brief staff report recommending that Council receive the Plan for information; and here is the Plan.  I will be asking for the plan to track and report implementation over the next 10 years.  As has been Township practice since COVID you can observe live stream at; and if you want to submit comments or register to make a deputation, contact [email protected] do so by noon Sept. 21.

Prior to the council meeting which begins at 6pm there is a Committe of the Whole Working Session beginning at 5pm.  Members of the public may attend this virtual meeting at which the consultants who have produced the Active Transportation Plan will be presenting the Plan and will take questions from Council. Here is agenda for that meeting.

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