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2019 Modernization Funding Program

On December 2nd Council agenda there is a report reviewing how we spent the $725,000 received in 2019 as part of the Province’s Investment in Small and Rural Municipalities.  Consistent with the 2019 budget direction to prioritize deployment of resources on improving state of municipal roads and related infrastructure, the funds were directed to this. The report identifies all roads specifically improved using these funds.  The report indicates that future year budgets will include “re-alignment of periodic and seasonal maintenance related resource allocation that typically were required for most of the road sections identified” in the report.  As our reserve for energy management initiatives is very small, as identified in another post, this may be a source of additional funds for it.

Public Meeting: NW quadrant of Nobleton

At Council on Dec. 2nd there is a public meeting for the development application for the north-west quadrant of Nobleton.  The proposal is for 395 detached dwelling units.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to ask questions and provide comments.

Water & Wastewater Rates for 2020

On Council agenda for Dec. 2 there is a report recommending water and wastewater rates for 2020.  As reviewed the recommended rate is an annual increase for a “typical” resident which is defined as using 270 cubic m/yr (which puts the user in Tier 1) is  9.31%, $146.86 .  (The increase for the individual components is 2.94% for water and 14.29% for wastewater.)  Further below I am providing some more information on the driver of these significant increases; the underlying cause is that it is a provincial requirement that the rates achieve full cost recovery.

The increases are driven by two things:   York Region wholesale rate of water and wastewater treatment has been (more…)

Wise Conversion of Employment Lands

On Dec. 2nd Council agenda there is a report regarding requests for conversion of designated employment lands in King City, Nobleton and Schomberg.  In an earlier post I reviewed why such requests are very important and I summarized the process.   In this report there are updates on how the applications have evolved:  the King Hill one (former Magna lands) and the Boynton lands (current sod farm) both offer benefits and have been modified significantly to address earlier feedback.

The conversion of designated employment lands  merits extremely careful consideration due to the long term economic consequences; but, with the right alternative I think making conversions is appropriate.  The “profile” of what employment is, how much land it requires has dramatically changed since the 1990’s when the King City Community (more…)

Christmas Comedy and Carols this weekend in Kettleby

To reserve tickets for either show call 416-824-1613.  Entertainment begins at 7:30 at the Parish Hall (262 Kettleby Rd.)