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Parks Masterplan Update

On the March 18 agenda there is a very important Staff report:  an update on the Parks portion of the masterplan for Parks, Rcreation and Culture.   As indicated in the cover note/report that public feedback is wanted at this stage and that upon consideration of latter and other inputs Staff will come back with a final report.  Parks are important to the quality of our life; the report reviews the different kind of parks which have been created and which will need to be created as we grow. The need for renovating or upgrading current parks is identified; the capacity vs demand for different kinds of playing fields is reviewed.  One of the questions I will be asking is about the plans for expanding/modifying play infrastructure in the current parks to ensure all ages are being considered. (There is a tendency to address needs of those less than 11 years of age.) If you are unable to review and provide feedback at the 3/18 Council meeting I encourage you to send your feedback to the Director at [email protected]


Speed and Volume Study

On 3/18 Council agenda there is a township wide comprehensive traffic study.  I have been  waiting for this and am somewhat disappointed.  The proposed actions do not address the issues which I frequently hear about from residents.  Unfortunately the report does not provide the data which has led to the recommended actions. For example what was the speed and volume data collected which supports a recommendation to do nothing on several roads including Burns in King City. A number of roads have been identified as meriting increased speed management and monitoring; I don’t understand how this will  be implemented.  And 6 roads have been identified that permanent speed boards are appropriate.   I will be following up on several points.

Public Meeting: Keele and Dennison

There is public meeting at Council on Monday, March 18 for the development application at Keele/Dennison Dr. It is an application for intensification by building 56 town house units.  I think there are some important issues which need to be addressed as I review further below and am pleased that the Staff have indicated same in their report.    Having said that I do believe that this is the right location for intensification in King City and I have long talked about the need for alternative forms of housing.  If you have questions or comments come to the public meeting to express them; you do not need to register to make adeputation.  If you are unable to attend send your comments to [email protected] who will distribute your comments.



As they age most people want to maintain their independence by continuing to live in their own home.  Sometimes, it just takes a little help from the community to do just that.  Community & Home Assistance to Seniors (CHATS) provides the help needed including Meals on Wheels, transportation services, homemaking and others  I welcome the opportunity to participate in the one fund raising event of CHATS:  Walk for Wellness.   You can support CHATS too:  support my walk or register to walk too.

I welcome others to join me in this annual event on Saturday, April 13 9-11AM.  Alternatively, you can participate by contributing to my effort.  Here is link to make a donation by supporting my walk.  If you want to participate in the walk register here.  If you prefer to send me a cheque please make it out to CHATS and mail it to me at the Township Office (2585 King Road, King City, ON L7B 1A1) and I will ensure that you receive your receipt for taxation purposes.

New Draft OP and Register For Updates

On Council agenda for March 18 the second draft of the Official Plan will be presented.  Completing a new OP is the #1 strategic priority for Council.  As reviewed in the brief report on the agenda we are targeting to have it adopted in September 2019.  At the 3/18 Council meeting there will be a presentation by our consultants about the new draft.  Communications on the Official Plan will be made on SPEAKING.   If you wish to receive updates, please  register on SPEAKING.  Note:  even if your registered earlier to get updates you must now register on SPEAKING.  

SPEAKING is King’s online engagement site; as I reported earlier we are using this tool to facilitate community engagement.  As you will see, when you go to SPEAKING, there are several topics for which information is being provided and on which feedback is requested.