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King Road “Re-make”

In 2019 and 2020 there will be significant road work on King Road in King City: Dufferin to new Municipal Centre.  Monday, April 8 at 6 PM at Municipal Centre there is an information meeting. Starts at 6PM with powerpoint presentation; in addition there will be display boards and opportunity for questions.  Its a pretty exciting project:  turn lanes into Municipal Centre, tree planting, bicycle lane, new sidewalks, decorative elements.  This is a joint project between Region and Township.

Volunteer Appreciation Night

Volunteers have been nominated and selected for acknowledgment at the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Night.  You are invited to join the celebration of these volunteers who have made a difference in the quality of our life in King.  The big night is Thursday, April 25; ceremony begins at 7 PM.  Given attendance other years we expect a crowd; shuttles have been arranged to facilitate parking off site.  (These logistics for the inauguration in December worked well.)  Details for the shuttle are below.

Official Plan Public Open House

As I have posted earlier the new draft Official Plan (OP) is now on This is where you can read it and provide comments.  And this is where dates for public meetings are announced.  The latter has just been published.  I encourage you to attend any one of the meetings in the 3 villages:  content and presentation will be same; the difference will be the attendees and their questions, comments. Meetings are May 1,2,and 8 in King City, Nobleton and Schomberg respectively at 7-9PM.  If you have not done so already please register at  Registration is easy; if you have difficulties let me know. is the new tool we are using to provide information about projects and importantly for you to tell us your perspective, to hear your questions.  You can register for updates.

Protecting Established Neighbourhoods

On the April 1 agenda there is a Staff report identifying a tool to prevent the creation of new lots by Consent within very clearly defined areas of the 3 villages in King for a 1 year period while we complete our new Official Plan (OP).  As reviewed in the report one of specific policy areas to be developed in the OP is one which will prohibit severances in the established mature neighbourhoods as lot size and street frontages contribute significantly to character of these neighbourhoods.  I think this tool, an interim control by-law (ICBL) is entirely appropriate at this time.  As reviewed there are some projects underway which have been identified as being exempt which is also entirely appropriate.  As noted, the ICBL can be extended for one additional year; but as Staff and Council are determined to complete the OP by fall 2019 I don’t think this will be necessary.

Capital Budgets: 2020-2022

At 5 PM on Monday, April 1 there is a special working session of the Committee of Whole.  Subject is 2020-2022 Capital Budgets.