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Earth Hour


Participating in Earth Hour  is very special this year.  Turn off your lights in support of nature and our planet today, March 28 at 8:30 pm.

Remember: we’re in this together

Together we aregoing to break the COVID-19 chain!

Thank you Kettleby for giving us this reminder as we drive, walk or bike by this sign.

Impact on project deadlines and more

As we are all aware, the Province has approved Regulations  recently pursuant to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act which has had a dramatic impact on all our lives.  Understandably explanations on the implications of the regulations have been on closure of non-essential businesses and the confirmation that municipalities can continue to provide the broad array of essential services that the public depends on during this crisis.  The regulations also provide a temporary suspension of timeframes mandated through different legislated Acts such as the Planning Act, Building Code Act, Environmental Assessment Act as well as others. At this point the suspension is for 90 days. If during this 90 day period (which began March 16) there are any deadlines which had to be met, to avoid some consequence as defined by the (more…)

Where/how To Be Outdoors

Very tough decisions are being made to achieve the goal of breaking the transmission cycle of COVID-19.  Both Lake Simcoe Region Conseravation  Authority (LSCRA)  and Toronto Regional Conservation Area have announced closures and/or identified limitations.  As reviewed in their announcement TRCA trails continue to be open but will not be maintained;  one can use them at their own risk.  LSRCA is closing their areas including the Thorton Bales one in King.

Without question both of these announcements are disappointing as time outdoors is a good antidote for the stress we are all feeling because of the pandemic; particularly as it is becoming warmer.  But, there are still good options for being outside and (more…)

Financial Obligations to Township: temporary relief if needed

I strongly recommend that you check in with the King Township COVID-19 page regularly to be aware of decisions specific to King Township.  In update 10, published March 25, there is news of relevance to all residents:  waiving of penalties for late payment of property taxes due April 27.  Depending on how you pay property taxes (e.g. monthly, lump sum etc.) there are different processes for taking advantage of the opportunity to delay payment if such is necessary.  In addition the penalty for late payment of water fees is waived; see here for details.  Finally, there is the news that there is a temporary increase in number of garbage bags and a review of how to properly dispose medical masks and gloves.  Personally I am limiting myself to how much I read about the pandemic; but, this is a page I do check routinely.