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Application for new lot & new permissions in hamlet of Laskay

At January 27 Council there is a public meeting for a zoning bylaw amendment to i) enable the creation of a new residential lot and ii) allow a secondary dwelling in an accessory building on Weston Road in the hamlet of Laskay.    As reviewed in the report there are several issues and outstanding questions for this application.

King Station’s Development on Keele

At January 27 Council there is a public meeting for the development on Keele south of King Road.  This is a long awaited project as it has been over five years since the hoarding featuring a  decorative mural was erected; during this time the site has been cleaned of contamination. What is proposed is very much needed in King City:  one and two bedroom apartments.  As reviewed in the report there are still some issues to be resolved and there are some enhancements to improve it but I believe we are at a very point in this project.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to identify concerns, ask questions.  As it is a public meeting there is no need to register; if you cannot attend but want to express support or concern you can (more…)

Budget 2020 presentations

At January 13 Council meetings, there were informative presentations about the 2020 budget.  Looking at a powerpoint, alone at home , never is as good as looking at it while the presenter talks; but, if you missed the meetings the powerpoints alone are better than nothing.    The Working Session presentation provided strong evidence that our financial profile is in good shape:  our debit is declining and we are far below the maximum borrowing capacity; we are making steady annual contributions to the infrastructure reserves.  Given that our budget is for $79.6 million ($44.8 for operating expenses and $34.8 for capital) its very satisfying to have this assurance.  In addition the draft net tax levies of the other York Region municipalities was provided:  the draft one for King is 2.89% whereas only Markham and Richmond Hill have lower ones.  (note:  these rates are NOT the blended rates.)

The presentations at Committee by the various Department Leaders gave a quick overview of priorities in each area and background to program change requests.  The details of the program changes are in the budget binder.

You can find links to both the above powerpoints and the budget binder here.

Target is to approve the budget at January 27 Council meeting.  Staff report for it (and the rest of the agenda for that evening will be published, as always, by close of business on January 23.

Public Meeting: for Keele south of King Road

At January 27 Council meeting there is a public meeting regarding the application to build a 4 storey mixed use building including 23 apartments and commercial spaces at grade on west side of Keele south of King Road.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to identify questions and to express their point of view about the proposal.  The Staff report on the application will be posted on on January 23rd.  Here is the formal notice for the meeting with a few more details.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

I wish everyone a joyful and safe time over the next couple weeks when there is more time being spent with family and dear friends.  May your hearts and homes be filled with laughter, joy and love.