GO Train: whistle cessation

At January 11 Council, we passed a resolution to once again state our expectation that the required infrastructure for whistle cessation will be installed at the 5 crossings in King as the GO expansion proceeds. That resolution is being sent to Metrolinx and Minister of Transportation.  Since 2018 King, in collaoration with York Region has been prooviding input to the project.  To date we do not have confirmation about the design & construction aspects which will enable the whistle cessation.   Doing this resolution has been triggered by the Notice of  Completion of Environment Project  issued by Metrolinx December 20.    At earlier stages of the project it has been confirmed that there is commitment for noise barriers but no specifics i.e. location, design/materials have been provided.  Plan is to electrify.

If you are concerned about the continued lack of commitment to install the required infrastructure for whistle cessation you can submit a letter reviewing your objection to proceeding without such commitment. The second page of the Notice of Completion provides information on how you can register your objection.  If you do decide to write a letter I suggest you copy your MPP Minister Lecce as Metrolinx is an agency of the Province. Deadline for input is january 28, 2021.

King City: block plan virtual open house

Thursday, January 14 there is virtual open house to present and receive feedback on a preliminary comprehensive block plan for a development on north side of King Road between William and Dew Street.  It begins at 6:30 with a presentation.  If you register you will be sent a link to participate. Here is some more information.

Here is email for registering.      [email protected]

Thinking About an Electric Car?


As some people know I made a big decision this fall:  the purchase of an electric vehicle.  We did so after being passengers in others’ cars, doing some research, test driving a couple.  Finally we made the choice: Hyundai KONA.  We love it:  its very comfortable and its very satisfying to know that while driving I am not adding green house gases (GHG).  Making the decision was tough because of the unknowns. Given this experience I am happy that Climate Action King, a recently formed citizens group, of which I am a member, has decided to host three webinars to hear from owners about their experience, to answer questions.

Official Plan (Our King) Update

On Council agenda there is a report with an update on our new Official Plan (OP).  We cheered and were proud when Council approved it in September 2019; then we cheered again in October 2020 when York Region approved it.  But, it is still not “in force” as 12 appeals were registered.  The report provides some details of these appeals and next steps.  Until the appeals are resolved the current OP and all its numerous amendments are what is ” in force”.  Although not “in force”, Our King does define what we want, what we want our direction of growth and evoltuion to be. Once it is “in force”, there can be no applications for an official plan amendment for two years.

Schomberg Development: Roselena and Church St.

On Jan. 11 Council agenda there is a report recommending approval of a draft plan of subdivision in Schomberg on Roselena and Church St. The plan will deliver 51 single detached homes. As I read the report I am struck by the attention to the natural heritage (e.g. hardwood woodlands in the property have been damaged by informal trails; restoration of them will be addressed in this development.  Also noteworthy is how feedback from public has been responded to; both traffic calming needs and construction access route is specifically incorporated.  Finally, I am pleased to see how LID measures are being incorporated far more than originally proposed.

Development Charges

On Jan. 11 Council agenda there is a report recommending approval of the proposed development charge.  For those who engaged earlier (e.g. reading the draft and/or listening to presentation) the complexity of the topic is significant; it is also extremely critical as this is how the municipality receives funds to address the imapct of additional services required in the municpality due to growth (parks, libraries, arenas, transit).  I believe a very thorough job as been done to develop this.