Council Motion on Bill 108

On May 27 Council agenda there is a motion I put forward for consideration in response to Bill 108.  This Bill has been drafted for the stated purpose of increasing the supply of homes by modifying many statues and processes (e.g. environmental assessment act, planning act, appeals process, conservation authorities authority) to speed up approvals and construction. In an earlier post I have reviewed my concerns about this Bill.  The resolution to be considered by Council requests that Province delay the process to enable more time for consultation with the municipalities.  (The Bill has already passed second reading.)  Note:  to see the motion follow the links provided above and scroll down.

Street Naming Policy

On 5/27 Council agenda there is a report proposing a new policy for naming new streets.  Its interesting to see how such decisions are made.  Sounds like a good process.

Drawdown: reversing global warming

Weekend 4-session Workshop
Friday, June 14, 7-9:30 PM / Saturday, June 15, 9-11:30 AM
Saturday and Sunday 2-4:30 PM
King Township Municipal Bldg, 2585 King Rd.

During this workshop created by the Pachamama Alliance, we will introduce the Project Drawdown
results, reveal how we ourselves have been thinking about global warming, take a new perspective, and
consider how we want to act. This workshop called “Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action” is
condensed into one weekend of four sessions. To learn more see this 2 minute video. (more…)

2019 Tax Bills

In April Council approved a tax levy increase of 2.3% for the Township share of property taxes.  In the May 27 Council agenda there is a report presenting the 2019 property taxes for the various assessment classes. Total tax rate is a blend of Township, Regional and Education levies in accordance with ratios set by York Region.  For 2019 the total residential property tax rate in King is reduced 4.87%.  On a property specific basis the change in the property tax bill can be estimated by comparing the change in the assessment value in 2019 vs 2018.  If that change is an increase of 6.38% or more there will be an increase of in the property tax bill; if the change in assessment is less than 6.38% the tax bill be less.  For perspective, 30% of residential properties will see a decrease.

Bill 108: risks as to how we grow

On May 27 agenda there is Staff report reviewing the implications of the Province’s proposed Bill 108 called “More Homes, More Choice Act.” This Bill, if passed as is, has significant impact on how our communities evolve:  what is built, how it is built. More specifically, density, services, amenities and property taxes for both current and future residents.  In addition the enormity of the proposed changes to current legislation the Bill is very concerning as there is such limited time for feedback and there has been such limited consultation. I strongly urge you to at minimum read the Staff report; here is link to the Act.   Its my opinion that
this Act seriously undermines good planning which could deliver strong inclusive communities, a healthy  environment and (more…)

Foraging Workshop

Find out what is edible and tasty in the woods and open spaces.  Foraging Workshop May 15 at Laskay Hall