Delegating Site Plan Approvals

On the January 24 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending delegation of authority for most site plans. Site plans are the tool for implementing what has already been approved by Council for the land in quesetion.  As reviewed council members will be aware of all site plans and will have the choice to request that the site plan approval be “bumped up” to Council. As clearly identified in the report the delegation recommendation does not include site plans involving the Mary lake property. The proposed new protocol has been tested throughout 2021 and no deficiencies were identified. I believe that the proposed process is appropriate; it is an example of effective streamlining or red tape cutting. As always if you want to make a deputation and or submit comments please contact [email protected] by noon on January 10.

Climate Action Plan for King Community

On the council January 24 council agenda there is a very important staff report: King Climate Action Plan. At time of writing this blog I have not yet had opportunity to review it. I strongly encourage reviewing the document as the subject matter is critical and its purpose is to present ideas as to what community members can do to respond to the climate emergency.      There will be a presentation of the Plan;  to listen and view join the live stream. As always if you want to make a deputation and or submit comments please contact [email protected] by noon on January 24.

Outdoor Skating

There are now three outdoor skating rinks available. But the significant weather event which began Sunday  (Jan. 16) evening has prevented snow clearance; check in on the Township web for updates. Also you can see here the scheduled hours for these rinks and the protocols for using them. And to remind everyone it is not safe to skate on a storm water pond.

Bradford Bypass E- Petition

I am making this post to request that you sign the federal e-petition calling upon the federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to designate the Bradford Bypass project for a full federal impact assessment through the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada. I want this assessment to be done for two reason:  the negative impact is high and there is total failure to analyse the latter. The project is moving forward based on a 1997 environmental assessment and in fall 2021 a new regulation exempts the project from the environmental assessment act and therefore no further study will be done on the impacts and mediation measures. Here is map of the proposed bypass. Here is link for signing the petition.

Environmental Impact

  • The highway will remove significant ecosystems including 9.5 ha of wetland, 39 ha of wildlife habitat and 22.1 hectares of high quality woodlands.
  • There are 11 species at risk along the route and an Ontario regulation weakens protections for some of these species.
  • Above mentioned regulation exempts the project from the EAA and therefore no further study will be done on the impacts to and mediation measures for species at risk, Lake Simcoe, climate and public health.

Cultural impact

Cold Creek

One of the treasures of King Township is Cold Creek.  If you have not visited check out the new website ( and select which trail you are going to follow on your first visit.  (There are over 7 km of marked nature trails.)  And there is much more.

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