Boundary Adjustment Public Meeting

At November 4 Council there is a public meeting regarding an application to make boundary adjustments on 2 properties on 19th SDRD west of Old Bathurst.  As reviewed in the report there are several factors which are positive about the proposal but there is one which is of concern and for which there needs to be more study:  the proposed retained lands are significantly less than the required minimum, per our Zoning Bylaw. (5.1 hectares versus 10.)  Per the zoning bylaw a lot size of 10 ha is required in order to be utilized for agricultural purposes.  As the subject property is within the Oak Ridges Moraine the ORMCP (Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan) also needs to be considered and it requires that severances or boundary adjustment can only be made if no undersized lots are created for the current or intended purposes.  As I understand the ORMCP objective is to ensure that agriculture continues to be a very viable, productive land use I can appreciate why the required exception needs to be studied very carefully by Staff.   If you have questions or concerns attend the public meeting and/or send in comments by email to [email protected]


Proposed All Way Stop Signs

At November 4 Council meeting there are 2 reports reviewing proposals for installing all way stop signs in response to residernts in each of the area requesting such.  I am glad to see Staff assessing these requests even though the warrants (i.e. volume) of the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) are not being met.  I will be interested to learn whether there are identifiable risks associated with proceeding.  I am also interested to understand why there is a suggestion that there will be some sort of monitoring the success or the value of installing the signs at 16th Sideroad (northerly)  and 10th concession but there is no mention of doing so after installation at Elizabeth Grove and Patton Street.

Public Meeting November 18: King Rd/Banner Lane

November 18 there is a public meeting for a development application for the site where the municipal offices were located previously i.e. King Road and Banner Lane.  It is an important application in terms of its impact on King City.  Here is the notice.  


Remembrance Day Services in King and area

The Road to Marylake–a talk by the author

Hear the  author of “The Road To Marylake,” Kelly Matthews talking about the book and the discoveries she made during her research.  The history covered is fascinating and touches on a number of characters and events important to King Township including  the colourful character, Sir Henry Pellatt and the community at 16h SDRD/Jane near Sacred Heart Church.  And of course there is the history behind today’s Mary Lake Shrine.  The talk is on Sunday, November 3, 12:30.  Here is poster for it. 


Development on Keele: info meeting Wednesday

Wednesday, Oct. 23 6-9PM there is a public information meeting about the development proposed for Keele St south of King Road where there has been bright blue hoarding along the sidewalk for several years.  This is your opportunity to see the plans, both what it is going to be built there and how it will look; to learn where residents in the apartments will park, where shoppers of the retail will park.  This is where you can talk informally with the builder and provide feedback.  In a short while there will be a public meeting at Council.  Here is the notice and some information.