Year 1 Progress in Corporate Strategic Plan

May 11, 2024 | Miscellaneous | 0 comments

The first staff report on the Council agenda Is an overview of progress made in year one (2023) of the corporate strategic plan (CSP).  The framework of a CSP has been adopted “to keep focus on, align efforts, and make significant advancement on actions in the municipality that are above and beyond the day-to-day course of business service delivery.”  King has 4  priority areas: a greener future, sustainable asset management, complete communities and service excellence. The annual report to council and to the public identifies progress in these four areas.

For me the big value of this first annual report is that it does demonstrate the value of this management process. For example:  a key result in the priority area of a greener future is to reduce corporate emissions by 140 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Page 15 of 36 in the report 5 actions completed which achieved a reduction of 133 tonnes.

I do have a couple questions for staff.  There is mention of amendments to some goals.  I assume that those modifications are made without jeopardizing the objectives. As there are amendments I’m wondering if new goals will be created once the first/original one has been achieved.  This question is triggered by the 97% achievement of the goal to reduce corporate emissions.  (see above)

At time of writing this post the annual report is available in PDF format as part of the staff report. As indicated in this report a digital dashboard has been created which will be available on which will make the report easily accessible.

As always you can participate in the Council and make a deputation on this motion  in person or virtually.  For details on how to do please see Council agenda.  Or you can send an email to by Monday noon with your comments, questions.


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