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Pipeline: exercising our right

Pipeline:  exercising our right

At our December 20th meeting Council unanimously voted on my motion to ask the Ontario Energy Board to direct Enbridge to re-assess the route for supplying the York Energy Centre.

As we subsequently learned, procedures require that the Township first request the right to ask for a hearing; and then if that right is granted we can request the re-assessment.

Our Staff and Township Lawyer are to be congratulated for getting us now to the point where we are asking for the right for a review as this could have been refused.  You can read this request here.


About Debbie



My first venture into politics was the King Township Municipal Election in 2010 when I ran for the position of Ward 5 Councillor. Prior to entering politics I was very involved with Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT), a citizens’ group with a mission of promoting “a healthy countryside with working landscapes, significant natural areas, and vibrant communities.” From 2007-2010 I was Chair. I personally worked relentlessly for two years to oppose the gas fired generator in the Holland Marsh.

My husband, Dan Erichsen Brown, and I have been living in King since late 2003 when we moved into a country property acquired by my husband’s parents 60 years ago. I have two grandsons.

Prior to moving to King, I had a successful 27 year career with Procter & Gamble (P&G). For the last 10 years of my business career I lived in Baltimore, Maryland and then Brussels, Belgium; my career began in Toronto. I graduated from Waterloo Lutheran University (now Wilfrid Laurier) in 1973 with B.A; in 1985 I earned an MBA from York University.