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Climate Change Action Survey

Please take the survey about King Township’s role in responding to climate change. Survey closes September 30.

Nobleton Servicing for Growth

York Region, Environmental Services is looking for  long-term water and wastewater servicing options for the Nobleton community. The Class EA solutions will support growth in the community and optimize the use of existing Regional infrastructure. Based on results of the technical studies and feedback from the public and stakeholders, preferred design solutions for both water and wastewater servicing in Nobleton have been selected.  Here is official notice. 

York Region invites you to attend the third online open house on July 20, 2021 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The open house will be held through a Zoom webinar platform, please pre-register for the online open house at:

How King Will Grow to 2051

At June 28 council meeting there is a very important report presenting the staff recommendation for feedback to the York Region’s draft Forecast and Lands Needs Assessment. The latter is important as it lays out the framework for growth through to 2051. I am pleased that our planning staff is rejecting the York Region proposal that King should meet its population goals bye redesignating 70 of the 80 hectares of whitebelt in our southern area around the 400 for population growth. As reviewed in the report there is no need to meet population target; and to do so is not consistent with our current plans to build complete communities which are sustainable and healthy. Building out on the fringe is not the way to go. I do not support the staff proposal to redesignate 10 hectares of the 80 hectares of white belt for employment. We have not yet built out our current employment lands; it is unnecessary to change the designation now. In the report there is no mention of the current status of the 80 hectares; I believe they are currently agriculture and accordingly there should be serious resistance to developing those lands. The basis for my agreement in the lack of need to develop the white belt is that we will continue to intensify and to focus on building residential units other than single detached.


Bylaw Enforcement Policy

On Council agenda June 28th there is a report from Bylaw proposing a corporate policy for bylaw enforcement services. To clarify:  it’s not about new bylaws; it’s a policy as to how bylaw officers will respond to complaints and very importantly it identifies the communications which will occur between bylaw investigating the complaint and the persons who made the complaint. From my own observations the two trends identified in the report which has triggered this proposed policy are very true. 1st more complaints are being made. 2nd, those who have made the complaints are wanting more information as to what is being done to both investigate and bring the activity into compliance. The proposed policy identifies how complaints are given a priority and what the service expectations of a complainant should be. In the report there is also a recommendation for staff to investigate implementing an Administrative Monetary Penalty System;  I support that staff should look at the municipalities who have already implemented this with the goal of implementing this in King. I really hope that people will review this policy and provide comments to staff. As always you can present comments at a Council meeting by registering at [email protected].ca 0r 905 833 4068 by 12 noon on June 28th; or comments can be emailed to [email protected] and they will be circulated to Council. If you are unable to meet these deadlines I urge you to provide comments afterwards as the policy proposal’s intent is to improve service to King residents who see and report violations.

King Rd/King Blvd Amendments

On Council agenda June 28th there is a report recommending approval of  official plan and zoning bylaw amendments to facilitate a development of 12 freehold townhouses at King Rd and King Blvd.  As I expressed in September 2019 at the the time of the statutory public meeting there is much to be satisfied about with this application:  a different format of housing than the single residential units dominating King City, the simple, modern architecture, the location itself on King Rd where there is regional bus transport, proximity to schools, libraries, shopping etc.  I do,however,  question whether there is too much being squeezed in. There is the right number of parking spaces (3) but those three spaces are on the private condominium road which is identified as being more narrow than optimal although acceptable. I believe that there are a few mature trees on the lot so I do want to know about compensation for those trees being removed. Finally am glad to see that there is coordination with the site immediately to its east which is also being developed.  As always you can present comments at a Council meeting by registering at [email protected] 0r 905 833  by 12 noon on June 28th; or comments can be emailed to [email protected] and they will be circulated to Council.



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