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Site Plan Approval Delegated to Staff

On the June 27th Council agenda item there is a report recommending a new bylaw to cover the topic of Site Plan Control in King Township. As reviewed in the report creation of this new bylaw is necessitated to  comply with Bill 109 “more homes for everyone.”  There has been much discussion as to whether this Act will indeed lead to homes being built more quickly and whether these homes will be “affordable.” The Bylaw being reviewed on June 27 is related to these objectives as the Province believes that the process for approving development applications will be accelerated by Councils delegating approval authority to their planning staff. As I am personally not in full agreement with the conclusions behind Bill 109 I am pleased to see  the provisions that our staff have proposed to provide transparency and to allow opinions of Council members or public to be heard.  But as clearly stated the decision authority is the Planning Staff. As reviewed in the report (more…)

Let’s Start Building Our New Recreation Centre!

On Council June 27 agenda there is a staff report recommending the award of the contract for building the Township Wide Recreation Centre to JR Certus Costruction Company and increasing the budget to $86 million.  Current residents of King and those who are living here for the next 30 years will be receiving  exceptional value with this initiative: they will be able ti access the amenities they requested and they will do so in a near carbon zero facility.  To build a near carbon zero facility with ice rinks and a pool is a bold goal but an entirely necessary goal given that we are in a climate emergency. As reviewed in the report there is a fiscally responsible strategy for covering the budget increase  of $10.2 million; execution of this strategy will mean that we will build the facilitate without a property tax increase.  In  the report there is a brief summary of the elements which will contribute to it being a near zero carbon facility; I will be asking for some more detail.  As always if you would like to register to make a deputation or  provide comment e-mail comments please do so by noon on Monday (more…)

2023 Budget: pressures and timeline

On Monday June 13 council agenda there is staff report providing insight into the budget pressures for the 2023 budget and the forecast for 2024-2026.  The report reviews the process for budget creation and eventual approval by Council. Very importantly it identifies the numerous budget pressures which will influence the budget process including inflation, dramatic increase in insurance rates, fuel prices.  In addition tax increase of 1.11% over the last five years in itself creates budget pressures for the future.  No decisions are being made with this report.  As always, you can make a deputation and/or email your comments to [email protected] by noon June 13.

Tree Management Plan for Public Trees

On Monday June 13 council agenda there is a very interesting staff report presenting the draft Municipal Tree Management plan.  Even though it is the first one, many of the activities are happening to some degree already; but, this is the first time a plan with goals and objectives have been presented for Council review and endorsement. And, very importantly its the first time for the public to learn how our public trees, which are an increasingly valuable asset, are maintained, protected and enhanced. I strongly encourage that you read the report; it is easy reading.  As always, you can make a deputation and/or email your comments to [email protected] by noon June 13.  I will be asking for clarification on several points but overall this is a very worthwhile report.


Fireworks Bylaw Change

In response to concerns and complaints of citizens heard, particularly in 2021, an updated bylaw was passed May 9.  Key changes include fewer days that fireworks may be permitted, specifically on Victoria Day, Canada Day and the third day of Diwali Festival, only between dusk and 11pm and identification of areas where fireworks are not permitted including municipal property and within 1000 meters of areas with livestock.  To support enforcement there will be officers out; and the penalty structure was increased to address the severity of the offence. Setting off display fireworks and family fireworks requires permits which have requirements such as location.  Here is the bylaw.  Here is the press release.

The reduced times and places for fireworks is in response to the potential fire hazards and that the noise explosions can negatively impact animals, birds and people.

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