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COVID Announcements and Stats

Below is  Mayor Pellegrini’s Facebook posting on Sunday May 3



The Prime Minister announced:

  • A $240 million investment to bring health care online for primary and mental health care; funding will increase access and resources for Canadians by supporting the implementation of online tools and virtual appointments
  • $175.6 million to Vancouver-based biotech firm AbCellera Biologics, which researches and discovers next-generation antibody drugs to fight infection and disease
  • AbCellera has identified over 500 antibodies directly from a patient who has recovered from COVID-19
  • Funding will help accelerate and expand AbCellera’s capabilities to combat COVID-19
  • AbCellera and its partners expect human clinical trials to begin in July 2020 or earlier
  • A new COVID-19 Supply Council has been formed and tasked to find vital supplies to keep Canadians safe
  • A one-time top-up to the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) – eligible families will receive an extra $300 per child as part of their regular May payment to help deal with added pressures of COVID-19


COVID-19: working through unique situation

March 19 the province introduced new legislation to help protect jobs, keep store shelves stocked and give municipal councils the flexibility to continue operations while maintaining social distance
o The Employment Standards Amendment Act, 2020 provides job-protected leave to employees in isolation or those who need to be away from work to care for children or other relatives
o The Municipal Emergency Act, 2020 will ensure the delivery of goods to Ontario businesses and consumers is not impacted by municipal noise bylaws, and gives municipalities the ability to fully conduct Council, board and committee meetings electronically

The Township Staff continue to be focused on delivering core services while there is priority to protect the health of all staff members and to respect their individual needs to look after their own families.  As I think is true for all businesses, the overall (more…)

Draft Strategic Plan 2019-22

On March 9 Council agenda there is report regarding establishment of a strategic plan for the remaining time of this Council (i.e. through to 2022).  The report requests endorsement of the identified priorities, objectives and key actions which will then inform development of key performance measures & indicators.  I confess that my first response on hearing about the plan to develop this was dismay but I quickly realized that there is significant value in terms of defining to the community what is to be achieved over the term of Council.  And, accordingly it provides clarity to the Staff as to expected outcomes.  As indicated in this report the key performance indicators/measurements will be presented in April with a final straetegic plan.  At 5:00pm on March 9 there is a working council session in which Staff will provide a thorough review to Council of this new process; Public is invited to attend & listen to learn more.


Interesting Series With Speakers

1st meeting is Thursday March 5 7pm with roster of experts talking about trees: role in mitigating climate change, community vs personal ownership, the science.

Transportation Masterplan (TMP): final draft

On February 24 agenda there is the draft TMP with a recommendation for Council to approve it.  Changes have been made to draft presented in previous Council which, I believe, enhance the value of this masterplan.  I commented earlier about the plan; and want to make a couple additional comments.  I do have a couple points which I will be raising at Council; but overall I think this is a valuable document in defining the gaps in our infrastructure (either existing today or likely to exist given developments) which need to be addressed, and what actions we (more…)