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Extending an ICBL on Severances

On June 22nd Council agenda there is a Staff report recommending the extension of a current interim control bylaw (ICBL), which restricts severances in our 3 villages for one year as our new Official Plan (One King) is still not in force.  As One King has more robust policies on the issue of severances in the villages, extension of the ICBL would likely not be proposed if it were in force.  I have posted several times on this issue as I believe it is very important in terms of the impact on village character.  As reviewed in the report, the timing for implementing an extension has been delayed due to the Emergency Orders of the Province in response to COVID which suspended Planning Act deadlines;  as of June 22 this suspension is over and hence the appropriateness of the recommendation to extend.

The Finances of our Water Systems

On the Council agenda there are several reports providing good background information on the financial plan for the water drinking systems which King Township operates.  The rigor of the financial plans is how residents who depend on these systems can have confidence that they are being operated, every day, safely.  Its based on this that licenses to operate are given.  The report indicates that there will be a hefty increase in 2021 of 13% and thereafter, through to 2029 to be 3%.  I will be asking for explanation about this.  The link I am providing here is for Agenda; scroll down to report 9.6 for links to the report and a couple appendices.

2019 Financial Statements

On Council agenda on Monday June 22 there is a Finance report on the Township’s Financial statements for 2019.  I consider this to be a very positive report, particularly given the impact of the pandemic on Township revenues.  As reviewed in the report there is an operating surplus of $1.6 million dollars.  I am very supportive of the recommended uses of the surplus:  $1.2 million for tax rate stabilizaion, $.4 million for infrastructure reserve.  As operating surpluses are not something you can plan on I agree with allocating these funds to these two reserves.  We have been following this strategy since 2012.

At 5PM on June 22nd there is a presentation by our auditor BDO Canada in a special audit committee meeting.  This is an electronic meeting held remotely and will be live streamed via  You can watch & listen.


King Cautiously Enters Stage 2

As indicated in the June 19th press release about King’s plans for entering Stage 2 King Township is  “focusing ownship its efforts on reopening some of its outdoor recreational amenities only.”  Read the press release for details as to when splash pads, skateboard parks, shade shelters will open and when outdoor recreational team sports can begin.  As reviewed in the press release it is very necessary to continue being cautious as the virus has not been eliminated; accordingly, some amenities are still closed e.g. play structures.  And, it continues to be important to maintain  2 m distance from those not in your immediate family and to continue handwashing with soap.  Check in with King’s COVID-19 info hub for updates.

Stage 2 Begins in King

Friday, June 19 is a significant day in King (and rest of York Region) as this is day 1 of Stage 2 in the re-opening of our social & economic framework.  This is very positive as we can’t, for many reasons, continue to live in our isolated/closed individual worlds; but as we re-open we do need to be cautious and  careful to ensure our own health and the health of others. Need to do our part to keep the number of COVID-19 cases down, both in King and in Ontario. The re-opening is complicated as the protocols for a safe opening of each business and each municipal activity are not necessarily in place on Friday, 6/19.  In the case of municipal activities, Township Staff are working to establish those protocols as quickly as possible.  Be sure to check in to King’s COVID-19 info hub regularly for updates.  Our Economic Development’s is focussed on helping businesses through COVID-19 and moving into stage 2. Here is the announcement from Premier that York Region and some other regions to move to Stage 2.


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