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Delegating Site Plan Approvals

On the January 24 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending delegation of authority for most site plans. Site plans are the tool for implementing what has already been approved by Council for the land in quesetion.  As reviewed council members will be aware of all site plans and will have the choice to request that the site plan approval be “bumped up” to Council. As clearly identified in the report the delegation recommendation does not include site plans involving the Mary lake property. The proposed new protocol has been tested throughout 2021 and no deficiencies were identified. I believe that the proposed process is appropriate; it is an example of effective streamlining or red tape cutting. As always if you want to make a deputation and or submit comments please contact [email protected] by noon on January 10.

MCFA in Nobleton

On January 10 Council agenda there is a report proposing the principles for a Municipal Capital Facility Agreement (MCFA) between the Township and a developer in Nobleton. The latter is in early stages of an application for a development at southeast corner of highway/15th sideroad. The proposed agreement includes a voluntary contribution of $8.5 million to be used for municipal capital infrastructure and community benefits as determined by the Township. As reviewed in the report the proposed development is not approved and the MCFA itself is not finalized; what is before Council is approval of principles for the latter. If you wish to make a deputation and or submit comments please contact [email protected] by noon January 10.

Public Planning Meetings Jan. 31

Notification has been given for 2 public meetings which we held on Jan. 31.  One is to receive information and provide comments on the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment applications to facilitate the development of a three-storey private child care facility, located at 22 Patton Street.  The other is  to receive information and provide comments on the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application, concerning a property located at 3653 and 3655 Lloydtown-Aurora Road.  Staff reports for each will be available on Township website on Thursday before the meeting i.e. Jan. 27.

Demolition in Kettleby

On the November 1 Council agenda there is a staff report presenting the recommendation from the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) as to how the Council should respond to a demolition permit for 342 Kettleby Rd., a property listed on the municipal heritage registry. This is a very difficult problem. As reviewed in the report one of the possible actions for Council is to give notice of an intent to designate as it meets two of the three possible heritage attributes: it’s contextual value and it’s design/physical value.  Most people who visit Kettleby are charmed by the experience of being in the historic hamlet and indeed King is very proud of it. But this hamlet is having its historic assets chipped away: demolishing 342 Kettleby Rd is just one more. The argument to support demolition is that the property is in bad shape and has not been lived in for some time.

As reviewed in the report HAC identifies that if Council supports demolition  the impact on the historic hamlet be mitigated by placing the site under site plan control so that a future replacement building design is reviewed by a qualified architect reporting to Director of Growth Management Services. I believe there was a similar mitigation requirement when approval was given to demolish  446 Kettleby Rd. I do not consider that particular effort to be totally successful; it could have been better. Hence I am going to ask if controls could be more defined and stricter.

Public can register with [email protected] to make a deputation and/or they can send their questions and comments in via email.  Requests for deputations and emails for Council review should be sent in by Monday noon hour.

Restaurant & Drive-Through at Tatton Court

On October 18 council agenda there is a report recommending approval of a zoning bylaw amendment to facilitate a take- out restaurant with drive-through on Tottenham court in the King Ridge shopping centre.  At the public meeting on June 7 I raised questions  as to whether there is a conflict with the traffic flow for this restaurant and the Montessori school which is west of the proposed restaurant; this issue is not addressed in the report. I have an additional question now about traffic:  what will the impact be on residents of Stan Roots Street? And what are the plans to mitigate that impact? I think the latter is important as I would expect residents coming from the coming from west of the shopping centre (which includes high school students from the school west of the centre) may choose to use Stan Roots St.  I am disappointed that there is no comment on construction/design for energy conservation.  You can send comments to [email protected]; or you can register to make a deputation by contacting clerks by noon Monday, October 18.

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