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JaneKing Holdings

On June 27 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending Council endorse the Municipal Capital Facility Agreement between the Township and JaneKing Holdings and others as identified in the report.   The proponent owns lands east of Jane and south of the property owned by Blackwood (the former Magna lands). The MCFA is an agreement which documents a voluntary contribution to King between $4-8 million for municipal infrastructure and community benefits within the village of King City. The agreement is independent of the land owners receiving council approvals for the development through the typical public planning process. There was statutory public meeting in February 2021; the current.proposal is for approximately 276 units. The report on June 27 2022 is solely focused on the MCFA.

if you choose to follow the link for the February 2021 public meeting you will see that it covers both the  includes an application called King Hill which sits immediately on south side of King Rd; the JaneKing holdings are south of King Hill and have been sold.  the MCFA is with the proponent who continues to ownthe JaneKing lands.

ZBA in ORM Countryside

On June 27 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending approval of a zoning bylaw amendment to facilitate a severance of property to create two lots at 3655 and 3653 Lloydtown Aurora Rd.  Realization of the proponents’ desire for the severance has been challenging as the property is on the Oak Ridges Moraine and accordingly is regulated by the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan. The latter seeks to restrict the carving up of larger lots and properties into small ones as such can lead to degradation of natural heritage features and reduces the viability of productive agriculture activities. Hence, there has been careful review of the proposal and modifications made since initial consultation in July 2019 and the statutory public meeting in January.   I am very comfortable with the staff recommendation to approve.

New Commercial Uses on Hwy 27

On June 27 Council agenda there is a Staff report recommending approval of a zoning bylaw amendment to change the permitted commercial uses at  12840 Hwy 27 in Nobleton.  The statutory public meeting was conducted June 6.  I am in full support. As always if you would like to register to make a deputation or  provide e-mail comments please do so by noon on Monday.June 27 at [email protected]

22 Patton

On Monday June 13 Council agenda there is staff report recommending approval of the zoning bylaw amendment application for 22 Patton St. s reviewed there are several provisions of the Schomberg and kKing City draft zoning bylaw which are not being met by the application and explanations are given as to why planning staff believe it’s appropriate to amend these provisions. In most cases I am supportive; but I am very uncomfortable with the proposal to have a maximum height of 14.3 meters versus the bylaw maximum of 11. The proponent says it’s necessary because they cannot have a basement because of the high water table; for their sake I regret that this is the case but that is not justification for going up to 14.3 meters. It explains why but that doesn’t make it right. And contrary to what our peer review architect says I don’t believe the perceived massing has been reduced with various design measures. To my mind the design accentuates the vertical, the height. As always, you can make a deputation and/or email your comments to [email protected] by noon June 13.


Another Apartment on Keele

At the June 6 Council planning meeting there is a report addressing an application an apartment building on Keele St approximately 90 meters north of Station Road on the west side. The report includes a very valuable context map identifying the five applications for all the potential developments in the southern area of Keele St. which I have blown up to make it legible. This application is for 78 units in a six story building with underground parking levels. As reviewed in the report this site is in the transit area and accordingly the higher density and the six stories complies with the Official Plan. In addition to the primary planning and land use matters to be considered I am interested to know how the proponent responded to the green building standards checklist. In addition, I am going to ask Staff how the potential  logistic conflicts of the various construction activities, which in theory could occur simultaneously, on multiple projects in this area will be managed. As always if you are interested to make a comment or deputation submit an email and/or register to make a deputation by noon on June 6th at [email protected]

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