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Draft Strategic Plan 2019-22

On March 9 Council agenda there is report regarding establishment of a strategic plan for the remaining time of this Council (i.e. through to 2022).  The report requests endorsement of the identified priorities, objectives and key actions which will then inform development of key performance measures & indicators.  I confess that my first response on hearing about the plan to develop this was dismay but I quickly realized that there is significant value in terms of defining to the community what is to be achieved over the term of Council.  And, accordingly it provides clarity to the Staff as to expected outcomes.  As indicated in this report the key performance indicators/measurements will be presented in April with a final straetegic plan.  At 5:00pm on March 9 there is a working council session in which Staff will provide a thorough review to Council of this new process; Public is invited to attend & listen to learn more.


Meet Mayor and Your Councillor

To discuss Township and/or ward specific issues the Meet The Mayor and Ward Councillors meetings are a great opportunity.  The meeting agenda is informal and is in response to your interests, questions.  The meeting for King City (Wards 1 and 5) is Tuesday April 10; for other wards see the notice below.


Candidates for the Advisory Committees to Council

During the last week I have spent about 8 hours as a member of the Selection Panel interviewing applicants for the 3 Advisory Committees to Council:  Sustainability, Heritage and Accessibility.  The panel will present its recommendations to Council in the closed Committee of Whole session on September 24; assuming approval we will be advising all applicants shortly thereafter.  And then, very importantly, the Committees will be able to get started.

I am very satisfied with the process we followed to identify new candidates.  As is the case with any change, there has been some stress, simply because it was not familiar and was different from previous processes.  With the new process I believe that all applicants were given a fair opportunity; and the panel was provided with appropriate information to make choices.  As an interviewer I was very satisfied with the number and the quality of the candidates.  It is very clear that this Township continues to be blessed with excellent volunteers.

I am very appreciative of all who submitted applications.  I hope that those who were not successful will lend their energy and good will to projects or task forces that may be created by these committees; and I also hope that others who chose not to apply to be on the committees but who are interested will do so also.

What Do They Do In There?

Just wanted to pass onto you a cool information series I just found on King’s website.

Its “spot light on business.”  Each issue focuses on one business in King:  reviews its history, product line and performance.   By clicking here and scrolling down you can find the 3 features done in 2011:  B.C. Instruments, Nobleton Feed Mill and LGL Limited.  Plans are underway for the 2012 ones.