Election: meeting candidates and advance voting

Oct 4, 2022 | The Issues | 2 comments

The Municipal Election in King is moving into the next phase:  All Candidates Meetings are scheduled and advance voting is beginning.

Wednesday 5 7-9 at the Trisan Centre is CCKT’s all candidates meeting for Wards 2 and 4

Thursday Oct. 6 7-9 at the King City Seniors Centre is is CCKT’s all candidates meeting for  Ward 1. 

For more information on these meetings see here; and at same place you can see responses from some of the candidates to questions posed by CCKT.

Thursday Oct. 13 the King Chamber of Commerce is hosting an all candidates meeting for all the wards at Country Day School at 6:30.  See here for information and to register. 

Advance Voting begins on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend; its at the Trisan Centre 9-5. There are 11 other days when you can vote early; see here for all the dates & times and venues.

All voters can vote at any of the advance voting locations.


  1. Nancy Beatty

    So Ward 5 candidates won’t be attending tonight’s meeting (Oct. 5th) at Trisan?

  2. Debbie

    Correct. I am attending as an observer but not as a candidate. CCKT’s all candidates meeting for wards 1 and 5 (are often called the King City wards) is Thursday, October 6 at the King city Senior center.


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