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Nov 4, 2022 | Climate Action, Developments | 0 comments

At November 7th Committee of Whole there is report recommending approval of a zoning bylaw amendment to enable construction of an apartment block with of 234 units varying in size to include 1, 2, 3 bedroom units and 3 bedroom units. In response to feedback received at the April 2022 public meeting there have been some changes made which have been reviewed which are reviewed in the staff report. Most significant is the change in design by dividing it into  two 6-storey sections connected by a 3-storey section with an outdoor amenity area on its roof. Although my ideal solution would be two distinct separate blocks I am comfortable with the proposal; the concern of it being a massive long block on Keele has been addressed by both the three story connector section and the direct pedestrian access from the ground floor units. My satisfaction with the plan will be greatly enhanced if the facades vary as you move from north to south; this will be addressed in the site plan control.

Given proximity to the GO train station and the fact that it backs onto the rail corridor the six stories is entirely appropriate. It’s very hard to argue strongly whether the amount of parking is too much or too little as the transit opportunities will be changing significantly: GO train will become 15 minutes both ways both ways and I would expect that YRT on Keele St will only increase as the population living in King City grows.  The identified green building standard items currently being considered are to my mind the basic ones; I hope the proponent, with the encouragement of our staff, will commit to more than the basic.  I will ask about noise mitigation targets when selection construction materials/design given the GO train.

As always I am interested in your comments.  If you wish to make a deputation to Council you can register to make a deputation to Council by registering at [email protected] by noon on November 7.  Alternatively you can send in comments or questions to [email protected] and your email will be circulated to Council and relevant Staff members.


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