Leafy Greens from Kinghaven Farms

Mar 3, 2023 | Climate Action, Developments | 0 comments

On the agenda for the March 6 council planning meeting there is a report regarding an application for a zoning bylaw amendment to facilitate the establishment of a greenhouse operation at Kinghaven Farms on King Road (north side King Road/7th concession.)  It will use new smart farm agricultural technology including a hydroponic operation using automated machinery; product to be grown is leafy greens.  As reviewed in the report the proposed agricultural operation falls entirely within the agricultural area designation; the site specific amendment to the zoning bylaw is required for provisions  for lot coverage and parking requirements. Information about the project is also provided in the proponent’s presentation.   

There is much which is appealing about this project.   The operation will only be in the Agricultural zone and not in the Oak Ridges Moraine Natural Linkage area. The use of the  agricultural technology is exciting.  In the proponent’s presentation there is mention of being a net zero enterprise; I will be asking for more information.  It is not surprising that extensive solar features in the plan as I believe Kinghaven Farms is already a significant user/producer of solar enAs always you can make comments or ask questions about this report.     Contact clerks@king.ca to register for making a deputation and/or send in your comments by email to clerks@king.ca by noon on Monday March 6 and they will be circulated to Council.



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