Motion To Protect Heritage

Apr 27, 2024 | Miscellaneous, The Issues | 0 comments

On April 29 council agenda there is a motion tabled by Councillor Asselstine which I have seconded regarding a request to the Province to extend the deadline for removal of heritage properties listed on the municipal registers. I am very happy to second this motion as the current timeline of January 1, 2025 does not allow adequate time for the research and analysis of the 164 listed properties  to on King’s register to determine if they merit designation because of their heritage value.  Accordingly with the current timeline there is risk of those listed properties being demolished in the future without a robust complete heritage assessment being done.  The properties were listed based on incomplete information but with enough information to indicate that it was a property meriting further assessment when there were resource is available to do that work. An example: In March Council approved designation of the Edward Pottage House after thorough assessment  indicated that it met the criteria prescribed in the Ontario Heritage Act.

As always you can participate in the Council and make a deputation on this motion  in person or virtually.  For details on how to do please see Council agenda.  Or you can send an email to by Monday noon with your comments, questions.


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