October 19: lots to do in King City

There is something for everyone Saturday, Oct. 19 in King City.

8-12 at the Municipal Centre there is the indoor garage sale!  Perhaps a unique gift can be found there.

11-3 at the Heritage and Cultural Centre there is a Heritage Harvest celebration.  As identified in the poster there are many things happening:  Holland Marsh Food market, music, kids’ activities to name a few.  Plus, the Walter Rollings school room is being re-opened.

1-2:30 there is the TRCA guided walk leaving from Kettle Lake Park as I have mentioned in another post.

2 pm at Hogan’s Inn there is a talk about the The Story of Joker’s Hill hosted by King Township Historical Society.  Its wise to purchase tickets in advance as I expect this event will be well attended.

Nature Walk with TRCA Saturday 10/19

Saturday Oct. 19th 1-2:30 pm there is a walk guided by TRCA leaving from Kettle Lake Park (south of King Road/east of Burns).  This is a wonderful way to experience and learn about the natural heritage in King City.  TRCA requests that you let them know of you intent to join the walk as there is a limitation on numbers. I am planning to take advantage of this opportunity.  More details here. 

Green Development Standards

On Oct. 7 Council agenda there is a report presenting a draft proposal for a Sustainable Development Standards Program. As reviewed for several years there has been a “checklist” of features which King wants to be incorporated into new developments but there has been no authority to enforce it and there really was no commitment on our part to confirm whether anything “promised” was actually delivered.  Although the proposed program is still hampered by the reality that there is no legislative authority to enforce there is improvement:  more specificity, plans for confirming execution.  IF either level of government (provincial or federal) were to introduce incentives for renovations for retrofits as a mitigation measure for climate change our new program could “fit” well as I believe we not only need to modify “new builds” but also need to upgrade current building stock.    (Buildings are 2nd highest source of carbon emissions).  I look forward to understanding the program as I do have several questions.

Model Home Application

Oct. 21 at Council meeting there will be a public meeting regarding a zoning bylaw application for a property at southeast corner of Carmichael and Keele.  The intent of the application is to enable a model home to be built there.  Here is formal notice for the meeting.  This is the time for residents to ask questions, express support or opposition; decision is unlikely to be made at the meeting but rather the report will likely be sent back to Staff to review further taking into account what is hear at the public meeting.

Meet Federal Candidates

There is one more opportunity to meet the Federal Candidates:  Thursday, Oct. 10 7-9PM at Municipal Centre. This final event is hosted by CCKT.  Note:  All candidates have been invited; whether they choose to participate is unknown to me.

Our King, our new OP

At Monday October 7 Council our new Official Plan, Our King, was adopted by Council.  It now goes to York Region, the approving authority. As YR has been very involved with our process we hope that approval will come quickly; until it is approved it is not in force and effect but it is a clear indicator of what our plan is for King.  Here is official notice of that adoption.  Note:  there are still two amendments approved by Council at same meeting which need to be yet incorporated into the document:  one is additional policy for severances in Kingscross and the other is modification to zoning on east side of Keele just north of King Road.