Application to Demolish 2221 King Rd

Apr 12, 2024 | Developments, Policies, Masterplans, Uncategorized | 4 comments

On April 15 council agenda there is a staff report recommending approval of a demolition permit for the property at 2221 king Rd. (King Rd./Doctors Lane).  Council approval is required as the property is currently listed on the municipal register. As reviewed in the report the demolition has been applied for as the property owner wants to redevelop the property and to build a three story stacked townhouse project; but as also reviewed by staff the decision to demolish is not approval of the proposed project.  The argument presented in the report that the property is not worthy of designation is very strong whereas the Heritage Advisory Committee believes that it is worthy of designation as it meets two criteria as is required for designation.

To my mind it’s very important that the decision to demolish or not is not conflated with approval of the proposed redevelopment. My concern about this is amplified given the draft King Community Climate Action Plan (KCCAP) which was reviewed earlier in our  Working Council meeting;  I say this as I question the degree to which the proposed redevelopment is consistent with our green building standards. I know that this perspective is not relevant to the decision at hand which is about demolishing the current structure.

In a similar way I wonder how whatever is done on this property fits or doesn’t fit with our desire to develop a vision for how this part of King City will evolve. As noted in the report an effort has started to develop a Neighborhood Plan. But just like my comments about the KCCAP not being relevant to the decision whether to demolish, the initiative to develop a Neighbourhood Plan is not relevant to a decision about designating or demolishing the house on the property.

As always you can participate in the Council and make a deputation on this motion  in person or virtually.  For details on how to do please see Council agenda.  Or you can send an email to by Monday noon with your comments, questions.


  1. Sheila Comisso

    It should not come as any surprise to anyone in King City that everything appears to be a DONE deal. Our entire downtown has been dismembered for the last 10 years. In the few coffee shops or local eateries it is not uncommon to hear our so called local developers elaborating on THEIR vision of King City. Why is my family and my neighbours being asked for input? What shovels are in the ground? Plenty of large rezoning signs all around but nothing happening is all I have to say. Our municipal councillors ask the relevant questions but for what? Bigger interests really only lining their own pockets in my humble opinion.

    • Debbie

      Hi Sheila, I really hope that you are going to participate in the Thursday sessions about the initiative to create the vision for the neighbourhood of King City generally described as being south of king Rd and east of Keele. This effort is truly the beginning. Need to hear from people as to what they want to see.

  2. Sheila Comisso

    King City much like many rural communities may not have been trendy, up and coming, the next Rosedale but it did have a heart. I am planning on attending Thursday’s presentation.
    My family moved to King City from Thornhill for space. We willingly accepted that space came with a heavy price. Few municipal amenities, well water and septic tanks. But really, the coming soon signs virtually at every corner, business services like a small but thriving grocery store at Keele and King Road long gone, houses/storefronts boarded up on the north side of Keele and King Road and BOTH gas stations gone. The final insult, closure of the Mary Lake Shrine and its associated parish. Yes those snazzy planning announcements appear very inviting and yes you and your fellow councillors appear hard at work. But, seriously whose interests are really being served. Where are the fruits of all those passionate meetings, citizen input and municipal staff recommendations ? So far I see only overpriced extravagant mega mansions and coming soon cheesy townhouses. Even the Go station parking lot looks despicable with its countless bent metal poles at every designated parking spot. Funny how every train, every hour is blowing its horn right in the midst of a community trying to get some sleep so they can get to their work and pay their property taxes. Ten years or more in some cases of dithering around is frankly unacceptable to say the least. King City has a lot of potential but that really depends on who is at the helm wouldn’t you say? I believe you and your associates have exercised due diligence but just looking around town on any given day makes me honestly think we have been had! See you soon!

    • Debbie

      I have to respond to your comments. First, glad you are participating Thursday. I agree the GO train station is truly “work in process.” End product (expanded parking lot, better place for YRT bus connection etc) is good but until realized the aesthetics are definitely not being maintained. We are working diligently to get to whistle cessation. Also Keele/King Road is work in process too. Alot of moving pieces. It has just now occurred to me that the slowness of changes/improvements in King City demonstrates exactly why developers prefer to build in open green spaces …much easier. Finally, I very much regret the closure of the Mary Lake Shrine.


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