Rural Zoning Bylaw: the final draft

Sep 14, 2022 | Policies, Masterplans | 0 comments

Council September 26 agenda will include the Rural Area Zoning Bylaw with a report from Staff recommending adoption.  This has been a lengthy process in which many residents have participated to date which has enhanced its value.  For those who have not been engaged here is my summary as to why this is of great importance.  The vast majority of the Township is rural or countryside and is managed through a zoning bylaw nearly 50 years old.  Hence for anyone to understand the opportunities and restrictions for activity (e.g.building a new house, starting a new business) has been complex; and updates by approved amendments are done on a case by case basis as opposed to there being a holistic consideration.  My interest has been to ensure that the ecological integrity of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Greenbelt is not being negatively impacted.  Of equal importance I have been concerned that the opportuities for commercial & industrial enterprises are clearly identified and that our hamlets are not forced into conformity with generic zoning for setbacks from the road, for example.  I have not yet had opportunity to review this final draft but am posting it now to give those who have been watching this process maximum time. As noted on the Township’s speaKING page the staff report will be posted on Township website Sept. 23rd.  To make deputations at Council September 26 you will need to register by noon 9/26 with [email protected]


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