Toronto Wildlife Centre

Nov 5, 2022 | Debbie in the Community, Miscellaneous | 2 comments

On November 7 council agenda there is a staff report recommending renewal of the contractual arrangement with Toronto Wildlife Centre. Specifically it’s recommended to enter into a 5 year agreement with an additional 2 year option extension. For $13,500/yr As reviewed King receives a lot of value from TWC including being a resource for citizens for both information and for services to deal with injured wildlife. I am totally supportive of the recommendation.  If readers are not familiar with the TWC I recommend checking out their website.


  1. Angela Rose

    This organization and its services are marvellous for King residents. I’ve had to call them for a raccoon with distemper and also a coyote that appeared very ill (likely distemper). This disease is highly contagious to pets so it was important to deal with the affected animals. The staff at TWC are kind, prompt and helpful. Having the contract with King is very important to their continued existence.

    • Debbie

      great examples and testimony for TWC. thanks for sharing.


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