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Sep 9, 2022 | Debbie in the Community | 4 comments

On Council agenda for September 12th there is a very satisfying report recommending that a section of the King City Trail be identified as “King City:  Moir Trail.”  This recognition of Barry Moir is very appropriate. As reviewed in the report Mr Moir has made numerous contributions to his community. I know that his legacy of contribution to the King City Trails is one which future generations and future residents will treasure as much current persons do.


  1. Bernard Moyle

    I had the privilege of working with Barrie Moir as firefighting captains in the former City of York. Barry was a dedicated firefighter who served his community with honour and distinction. He is very worthy and deserving of this honour.

  2. Ellen Hoffmann

    These is good news. He was passionate about the trail

  3. Lynn Wilson

    My maiden name is Moir. I wasn’t aware of Barry Moir but will be doing some research to see if we are related. My Dad, John Moir’s family, spent their summers at a cottage on Moray Avenue at Lake Wilcox. I was born in 1952 (April) so I spent my first summer at Lake Wilcox. I have many fond memories of getting my hand stamped to go swimming (back then you had to pay to swim in Lake Wilcox!!) while going through the entrance building at Ash’s Booth right at the bottom of Bethesda Rd. and Sunset Beach. Life brought me (and my Dad living with us) full circle … back to Lake Wilcox. We owned a new home in the new Wolf Lebovic (south of Sunset Beach Road) subdivision 2000 – 2004. I now live in King City. My Great Grandparents owned a ‘resort’ on Lake Wilcox in the 30’s!

    • Debbie

      Hello Lynne, Your story about memories of enjoying Lake Wilcox is a charming memory. As for the possibility of familial connection…that could be a wonderful discovery as he is a stone’s throw away from you.


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