Work Process Change in Public Works

Nov 5, 2022 | Developments, Miscellaneous | 0 comments

On November 7 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending modifications as to how municipal services are assumed by the municipality.  I consider the changes are the kind of streamlining we need to do; quality of outcome is not being jeopardized.  As reviewed, the checks and measurements done by Engineering are not being reduced or eliminated.  What is being eliminated is a formal staff report to Council. The new work process includes advising Council, by memo,of intent to assume with one months notice; at that point the relevant Councillor can identify any issues outstanding needing to be addressed. I must admit that over my 3 terms I have often wondered what value there is in the report being brought to Council for approval as I had identified any outstanding issues in advance and they had been addressed.

If you wish to make a deputation to Council about this change you can register to make a deputation to Council by registering at by noon on November 7.  Alternatively you can send in comments or questions to and your email will be circulated to Council and relevant Staff members.


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