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GO Train Whistles: resolution

At  5/28 Council agenda we reviewed a proposed resolution to send to Metrolinx regarding our concerns about train whistles. Councillor Mortelliti and myself asked for an additional statement to be added to specifically ask for whistles to be used in a consistent and sensitive manner when entering and leaving King Township. Council supported the amended resolution.  Here is the staff report including the original resolution.  If anyone being disturbed by the whistles has not yet submitted a complaint to Metrolinx I encourage you to do so. Here is contact information.

Note:  I had intended to publish this post prior to the Council meeting but was unable due to serious technical problems.



Collard Drive: new pumping station

At 5/28 Council there was a report covering the installation of a substantial upgrade to the Collard Drive Sanitary Pumping Station.  This has long been wanted as the current execution is unsightly and is unreliable requiring frequent maintenance efforts.  Implementation will require a road closure; advance notice of the latter will be provided to affected residents.  The infrastructure will largely be underground (exception being 2 hydro panels); increasing reliability has been a key factor in design choice.

LED Conversion Begins

Conversion of the Township’s street lights to LED has commenced. Benefits are numerous:  the luminaries are dark sky compliant which minimizes light pollution and distributes light more uniformly:  its more efficient in terms of electricity consumption and life; they are connected to central control so performance is monitored i.e.  eliminating need for staff/contractor to drive over and check. First street to see them is Burns in King City. Council approved this initiative in fall 2017.

Come to Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Night:   Thursday, April 26 7 PM at Country Day School

Come to celebrate the wonderful volunteers in King who contribute so much to the quality of our lives. We will be acknowledging individuals of all ages who have been nominated by the community for their contributions.  Its truly a great evening.  There is no charge to come.

Help Clean Up King for Spring!

It looks like spring is arriving and will stay!  Enjoy the sun & air and spend some time with friends, neighbours & family to help clean up our streets and roads this weekend.  Here is the full list of Township events for King Loves Spring.  

ASK & Township Partnership

On the April 23rd Council agenda there is a recommendation for a 3 year partnership with Arts Society King (ASK).  As indicated in the report this builds on a 1 year “pilot” program.  The agreement is comprehensive in that expectations of each of the two parties is well defined.  I believe that ASK delivers significant value to the Township as it delivers against its mission of promoting, supporting and advocating for arts and culture.  Given that ASK is a volunteer organization it is truly remarkable the impact it has on King’s quality of life.  All municipalities deliver some degree of services and programming in response to its community’s desire for arts and culture.  Compared to the larger municipalities with their relatively large budgets, we are very dependent on a volunteer organization to deliver arts and culture; the impact of these volunteers is truly enhanced by the kind of partnership which has been forged with the Township, namely  Parks, Recreation & Culture.

New name for a popular Nobleton Park

I can only say “bravo” to the Staff recommendation to rename the park to Nobleton Lions Community Park.  Contributions by the Lions to both the Nobleton Community Sports Park (using its former name) and the community at large for over 55 years is significant.

Zoning for Cannabis: working meeting

Monday April 23rd starting at 4 PM there is a working Committee of the Whole meeting; purpose is for Planning to provide an overview of Zoning for Cannabis.  Public is invited to attend but it is not a forum for public to ask questions, give comments.  It really is for purposes of education for the Council.

Let’s Clean Up Our Streets & Roads

On Saturday April 21 everyone in King is requested to participate in the annual clean up of our streets, roads and ditches.  Do it as a family, neighbours or with a like minded group of friends.  If you have not picked up your supplies see the full calendar here for details.  You will also see on the calendar all the activities for our annual King Loves Spring initiative and where to pick up supplies. In addition to locations identified for picking up supplies you can also get at King City Library.  Contact Kathryn McClellan ([email protected]) to register a group effort.


Parking Survey

We want to hear from you about parking in any or all of the 3 villages.  Please take the survey.  Studies on parking supply and demand have been conducted; now need to hear about your experiences and your perspective on what we want to accomplish in terms of parking supply. Whether you stop and park in the core of one of the villages every day or only occasionally your participation in the survey will be welcomed.