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Schedule 10 is Deleted!

I am thrilled that Schedule 10 is being removed from Bill 66.  It threatened the Greenbelt, the Oak Ridges Moraine, Lake Simcoe and source water protection areas by opening them up to development.  If enacted our farmland would be at risk:  the monetary value of farmland would increase (for the wrong reason) as it would now represent development opportunity as opposed to a place to grow our food. Ontario Federation of Agriculture wrote a very strong letter opposing Schedule 10 for this reason. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced this January 23; read it here.


Implementing a Open-for Business Bylaw in King

There is a second report on 1/14 Council agenda about Bill 66.  This report is written on the assumption that the Bill will be passed and that it is appropriate for Council to start considering implementation of a OfB.  As I consider Bill 66 to be very regressive I have great difficulty in contemplating implementation.  Changes may be made as a result of submissions to the Environmental Registry but who knows.  The Staff report presents a very reasonable way to implement a OfB in King, a way which is more sympathetic to our values as articulated to date in the Sustainability Plan.  BUT implementation of a OfB is supposed to be voluntary.  I need to be persuaded that an OfB is what we need and want

Official Plan Update

Staff report on 1/14 Council agenda provides an update on a new Official Plan.  Target is to release a working draft to Public in March.  Open houses will be scheduled for April.  As indicated in the report comments submitted earlier have not been lost!

2019 Greetings

Happy New Year!  I wish you all good health and joy over 2019.

I will take this opportunity to alert you to some opportunities to connect with other residents in King and to help shape our King community.

  • New Year’s Levee:  the annual Mayor and Council Pancake Breakfast Saturday, January 19th 9-11 at Trisan Centre in Schomberg
  • Meet the Mayor and Councillors for Wards 1 and 5 Tuesday April 16 6-8PM at Town Hall. Date and venue for other wards will be posted on
  • Participate in 2019 budget consultations.  Times to be announced and will be posted in my blog
  • Utilize SpeaKING, King’s new online engagement site that allows you to contribute your ideas and feedback on Township matters important to you.


Water and Wastewater Rates

On Council agenda is a Staff recommendation for water and waste water rates for 2019.  The average  blended bill (i.e. water and waste water) for a household using 250 cubic meters of water /year is $158.56, 11.8% .  It is a big increase; logic for such is as follows.  1.  Consistent with previous 4 years the 9% increase in the whole sale rate from York Region is being passed on.   The increase is a direct result of York Region’s Financial Sustainability Plan which includes a 9%  increase annually through 2020.  The latter responds to Provincial legislation that all municipal water and wastewater systems operate on a full-cost recovery rate structure in order to ensure that there is financial capability to properly maintain and ultimately replace infrastructure. 2.  King has its own need to ensure that user rates support operational requirements and that we don’t have an underfunded water and wastewater system.

As indicated in the report our reserves are in a deficit position and it is  forecasted that the annual increases are going to continue to be in the 11% range until  York Region’s 9%/yr increase Plan ends which is 2020.  But what comes after that?  A positive note on how capital is being spent is incluoded in the report:  the automatic/remote meter reading solution has been implemented which enables real-time review and detection of unusual consumption.  I will be asking status of households being able to access data to better enable conservation.