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413 Resolution on Hwy 413

On March 29 Council agenda there is my proposed resolution regarding King Township’s position on the GTA West Corridor, i.e. the 413.  I am proposing that King Township i) withdraw its previously expressed support for a corridor,  ii) oppose any and all advance construction for it and iii) support the request for a Federal Environmental Assessment.  Since its first emergence as a solution to congestion I have challenged it as not solving the stated problem.  I have also believed that there were alternatives and most importantly the true societal costs were too great:  destruction of natural heritage features and farmland.  In the last couple years I have realized one other important issue: not only will natural heritage features and farmland be destroyed land will be opened for sprawl development.  Some of my Council colleagues have not shared my perspectives in past; I am hopeful that the recent attention to the serious negative impact on 413 has given my colleagues new information and that they will endorse my resolution. Many residents throughout the Township have written letters and participated in protests during the last couple years to raise awareness.  It looks like these efforts are paying off:  in last couple months numerous municipalities have either renewed (more…)

Your 15 minute neighbourhood

York Region is developing new Regional Official Plan and is seeking your input about communities.  Complete communities are walkable, well-connected neighbourhoods where you can access your favourite bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, local park and daily needs within a 15-minute walk from home.  YR is interested to know what places or amenities you would like to walk or cycle to in your neighbourhood. Your response will help York Region plan for diverse needs in existing and new communities. Feedback will assist in the development of a complete community assessment tool and may also help to inform the Regional Official Plan Update. Please provide your input to the survey by March 26.

Kingbridge: new vision

Kingbridge has figured in the story of King Township for decades.  The property was the venue for a Girl Guide Camp in the early 20th century.  The Kofflers commissioned Arthur Erickson to build Canada’s first world class spa facility; then it was re-purposed to a corporate retreat & learning centre for CIBC.  Under the ownership of John Abele it became a significant learning centre and conference centre; and the Centre’s amenities were also graciously opened to the King community for special events including those organized by Arts Society King and the municipality.  And now there is a change in leadership with a very exciting vision to “engage with key stakeholder partners to harness the infrastructure of the Kingbridge Centre to drive economic prosperity by accelerating ground breaking innovations that drive community transformation, and scale up environmental sustainability initiatives which make a positive impact in the world.  Food, agriculture, energy and water are four of the key focus areas aligned with economic priorities of King Township and York Region.  Programming will be developed and offered to support these objectives, helping to foster the next generation of leaders and convene people who are interested in exploring new ideas and collaboratively solve problems from a higher level of thinking and shared purpose. “  For more information here is the press release.

Service King

On March 8 Council agenda there is a report about Service King.  I think that it is very informative and will be of interest to anyone who needs to ask questions, to make an application, to get help from the municipality’s Staff.  Since the move to the new Municipal Centre there has been a very deliberate significant change in how the interaction between Staff and public happens.  From what I hear from constituents and my own experiences I think the change is dramatic.  Reading the report I can understand how this is happening and it gives me reason to believe that it is not just a “blip;” it will continue and get better.

Patio Program

On Council March 8 agenda there is a report recommending continuation of the patio program launched in 2020 in response to pandemic restrictions to support restaurants and food establishments.  As reviewed in the report the program was popular.  As we can implement now with the learnings from last year and have the time to plan it before implementation I expect that it will be very valuable this year for our business and for the users.  To see the applications and the survey results go to the meeting agenda and scroll down.