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Trisan Vaccination Clinic Newa

The vaccination clinic has been very successful. I am very proud that its success is a result of volunteers turning up, as scheduled to work their shift.  To these volunteers I thank you!

The clinic’s last day is July 29.  If you are aware of eligible individuals still needing a vaccine please pass this news on so that they can take advantage of it.

How York Region Will Grow

York region is updating it’s official plan to show how growth will be managed through to 2051.  To learm more join a zoom meeting on July 27 4-6pm.  At this session, you will hear about preliminary recommendations on where and how the Region is proposing to accommodate growth needs to 2051 and an overview of the current state of housing, key challenges and opportunities the Region is facing as we continue to grow and develop a full range of housing options. After the presentation there will be an opportunity for questions and answers and to provide feedback. Link to Zoom meeting:
No registration is required.


Community Calendar For Community Groups

King Township has launched a one-stop-shop for posting information on what’s going on in the community:   its an enhanced Community Calendar at  To date, events listed in the Community Calendar were limited to King Township-run events. But now, anyone from the public can submit their events easily using an online form, as long as the event meets a set of guidelines.  Here is the press release.  And very importantly here is the submission form and the eligibility criteria for posting on the Community Calendar.  This is really a great tool:  too often groups plan events without realizing that an event appealing to the same target audience is already planned; or, someone does know about an event as is posted on some other calendar.

Housing Survey

York Region has designed a survey specifically focused on housing. I found it to be an interesting exercise as it triggered personal reflection about my own ideas as to “good”housing and it caused me to think out 10 years. I encourage you to take the survey; it will not take much of your time.  The context for the survey is that the Region is anticipated to grow to over 2 million people by 2051. Growth management and housing affordability are important issues that impact how our communities evolve; it’s important to find the right mix and range of housing options for current and future residents.  This assessment is part of the process of updating the York Region Official Plan; for additional information visit for additional information.

Zoning Bylaw for King’s Rural Areas

A Draft Zoning By-law for the Countryside has been prepared and released for the rural areas of King Township i.e. the Countryside, Hamlets as well as the Nobleton Village Reserve Lands. A Zoning By-law regulates the types of land uses and the character, height, location, size and massing of buildings for all lands in the community.   We are at this stage following release of a discussion paper and several virtual public meetings. To learn more about the process to date visit Two virtual 90 minute  meetings are scheduled for purpose of reviewing the bylaw and receiving feedback: July 20th at 6:00 PM and August 11th at 2:00 PM. Presentations will be same at each. I urge you to attend one or both.  You can learn more and register for attendance here.  And here is the formal notification of the upcoming virtual meetings.