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Sep 22, 2022 | Developments | 0 comments

On September 26 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending several important things. 1. Recommends granting an exemption to the moratorium restricting Official Plan Amendments (OPA) applications.  2. Recommends approving a specific OPA application. 3. Recommends approval of a zoning bylaw amendment application. 4.  Recommends how to deal with the current buildings on the property; specifically one should continue to be listed and that there should be in the future recommendation to designated and that another one should be demolished. I agree with some as I detail below; but, I do not understand the urgency that this should be brought to Council more than one year after a public meeting and that it should be included in this agenda which has several “meaty” topics.

I agree with granting the exemption to entertain or to consider this application.  I do not agree to approve the OPA or the ZBA.  I am very enthusiastic about this application for many reasons and as I noted in my post at the time of the public meeting there are important natural heritage features.  Accordingly I am concerned about the magnitude of the proposed “pinch points.”  MPVZ’s of only 5 and 10 meters is much smaller than the required 30 meter from a woodland or a water feature.

I am very satisfied with the recommendations for the two current buildings i.e. To start the process of designation because of its cultural heritage features and to demolish the other more contemporary building. I am very pleased that the property owner has shown the interest of protecting the house and incorporating it into the development.

If you wish to comment on this report you can register to make a deputation to Council by registering at [email protected] by noon on Sept. 26.  Alternatively you can send in comments or questions to [email protected] and your email will be circulated to Council and relevant Staff members.


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