Apartments on Dufferin

Jun 4, 2021 | Developments, The Issues | 0 comments

On Monday June 7th council meeting there is a public meeting for an application for a residential development on west side of Dufferin just north of the rail corridor. It’s an interesting application as it includes a 5-storey building for 72 apartment units and a block of three townhouses; this proposed mix of housing is very much needed in King City. If the architectural renderings that I have seen in the proponent’s planning justification reports are carried forward I can say that the aesthetics are very appealing and appropriate for the location on Dufferin St.; I assume that visuals will be presented in the Monday council meeting. As indicated in the report there are two buildings on the property one of which will be repurposed and included in the townhouse block; the other will be demolished. The latter is listed on the municipal heritage registry.  Basis for listing it included that the house was built for James Pearson Wells, a prominent person in King serving as a Reeve and later as an MP for York 1863- 1872; clearly more information about this heritage asset will be made available by the required heritage impact assessment. As reviewed in the planning report there are important natural heritage features on the property; the impact of the development needs to be assessed.  Public can register with [email protected] to make a deputation and/or they can send their questions and comments in via email. Requests for deputations and emails for council review should be sent in by Monday noon hour.


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