2022 budget

On June 14th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending directions and timelines for preparation of the 2022 budget. It’s recommended that the increase in tax levy will be no more then 3.2% and that staff will work to identify opportunities to reduce the increase to close to 0%. This aggressive goal does reflect what council has already indicated as a desire in response to the financial hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s worthwhile to recall that there was a similar desire for 2021 and that indeed zero percent was achieved by delaying some capital programs and program changes; in (more…)

Building Permits and Fees

On the June 14th Council agenda there is a report recommending a new fee schedule for building permits and a phase in schedule for the recommended increases. Having read the report  there is no question, in my mind, as to the appropriateness of the proposed increases as they are long overdue. If this is a subject of interest I recommend signing in for the live stream as there will be a presentation on the matter. To read the report and all the appendices see the Committee of Whole agenda and scroll down.

Animal Services

On the June 14th council agenda there is a report recommending renewal of the contract with bond the city of Bonn for the provision of Animal Services. The report reviews the very satisfactory service king has received for issues associated with domestic animals (e.g. barking dogs causing annoyance, animal shelter, licensing of kennels) and the proposed new contract.

Re-zoning For What We Want in the Expanded KC Core

On June 14th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending approval of an application to rezone 13054 Keele St to permit a retail store and an office in the current building.  The latter is a red brick house which has been residential to date. As reviewed in the report the plans are consistent with the King City and Schomberg Bylaw and it conforms to our new approved, but not  in force, official plan, Our King. As noted in the report, as Our King is not yet in force, it is not possible to enact the zoning bylaw. As the proposed business, Molly’s Market, is very consistent with what we want to see in the King City core I really hope that the hurdle to doing the bylaw is resolved soon.

Comfort At Home Without Fossil Fuels


Two webinars have been held already and have received high ratings from the 47 attendees.  Keith presents the  technical  info (i.e.”how this works”) and his family’s experience for 2 years after cancelling his gas contract. Register at climateactionking.ca.

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