Outdoor Skating in All 3 Villages

In case you hadn’t heard….Jan 29 Community Services posted that all 3 rinks are open.  Registration is required.  See here for details. 

Public Meeting for a Day Care in King City

On Monday February 1 there is a Council Public Planning Meeting.  (Recall: starting this year there is an additional council meeting each month exclusively for holding the statutory public meetings.)  The Public meeting on Feb. 1 is for an application to erect a day care at 22 Patton St. in King City.  The public meeting is the opportunity for public to express concerns or support and to ask questions. As reviewed in the report the proponent has applied for a zoning bylaw amendment. As I explain below there is a complexity to this application because our new Offical Paln (OP) is not in force.  If you wish to speak to Council you need to register at [email protected] by Monday, Feb. 1 at noon; or you may submit your comments by email on same timing at [email protected]


Site Alteration Bylaw Information Session

King Township is in the process of updating its Site Alteration By-law.  The By-law is designed to limit activities, such as removing or adding soil, which might change the level of a homeowner’s land. Changing the land’s surface, or grade, could interfere with the way water moves off your property. Water that can’t drain off can cause problems for yourself or your neighbour.  You can see here the presentation that was presented to Council in December.  On Wednesday, February 3 at 12 noon there is a virtual public information session starting with a presentation then there will be opportunity for questions & asnwers.  To participate you must register at  [email protected].    This issue (i.e. regulating fill, changes to grade of land) is critical given our landscape, the amount of agriculture in King and that there are important acquifers throughout King.  It is also important in any situation where, over time, neighbours decide to knock down structures and modify the grade of their land.  This project is on our Speaking platform; I encourage you to register so that you can learn more and provide feedback at any time during the process.


Next Chapter at Eaton Hall

I posted earlier that King has designated Eaton Hall as a municipal capital facility.  Seneca President David Agnew has now announced that “Seneca is delighted to be partnering with Peter & Pauls Hospitality Group to rejuvenate Eaton Hall as a world-class dining, hospitality and event destination.” See here for more information.




Budget: Council meetings

Monday January 25 at 5 pm there is Council working session on the budget.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the operating and capital budget particularly if you were not able to attend the PIC (public information centre) on Thursday.

And following that there is the Council meeting at 6.  If you wish to provide feedback or make a deputation you need to register at [email protected] by noon on Monday.

Here is the link for viewing the live streaming of both these meetings.