Holland Marsh Soupfest

The delicious annual Holland Marsh Soupfest is this Saturday, Oct. 5.  It is 11-3 but if you really want to taste as many soups as possible I urge you to go early.  And I encourage you to buy ticket(s) online to avoid a lengthy queue and to take advantage of lower entry fee.

Draft OP: proposed to be adopted

On 9 /23 Council agenda there is are a report recommending that Council adopt the draft OP (September 2019). (Click on the link and scroll down to 9.1 for the report at all appendices.) This plan has been in process for several years. Overall I am pleased with the end product.  i)  Even though we have discontinued the practice of separate OP’s for the 3 villages and the hamlets etc and now have “One King” I don’t believe we are setting the stage for standardization across King; what is standardized is the process for assessing issues/activities.  And I do believe the complexity for everyone engaged in the development of King will be simplified by having only one plan. ii) The risk of climate change has been understood by many for many years but it is only very recently that King has really acknowledged the necessity of dealing with it by setting very aggressive targets and declaring a climate emergency.  This has been incorporated in this draft OP.  The recommendation from Staff in this report (more…)

Toys For Tickets

On Sept. 23 Council agenda there is a report proposing an innovative way for responding to the inevitable parking violations when the winter parking restrictions begin.  I must admit that my first response was a very judgmental dismissive one, that it was a crazy idea.  But when I read more and learned that other municipalities are implementing already I began to look at it in another way.  I encourage you to let our Staff know what you think about it.

Community Halls

On September 23 Council agenda there is a staff report about our community halls:  how much they are being used, current state i.e. physical and a review of any plans to modify/renovate.  As indicated significant work at the Schomberg Community Hall is budgeted and underway.  Other facilities need work but it is going to need to be assessed at budget; and as noted not all of them have usage levels that make it certain that monies should be spent.

King Rd/King Blvd Development Public Meeting

At Council on September 23 there is a public meeting for a development at northeast of King Road/King Blvd intersection.  As is typical at this stage of a development application, the Staff report reviews the essence of the application and identifies issues yet to be answered. This is the opportunity for the public to identify their concerns and to ask questions.  If you can’t attend the meeting send in your comments to the Clerk at [email protected]; if you can attend there is no need to sign in.

This application is  for 12 town houses. As reviewed there are many aspects of this proposal which are very positive:  namely that it is for a different format of housing; and the location is very appropriate for a more dense development given proximity to shopping, schools, public transit.  From reading the report I have the impression that there is “too much” being squeezed into the site:  density is far beyond our current official plan (King City Community Plan); many of the zoning bylaw requirements (e.g. setbacks) are not being met.  I am also concerned about the issues identified about storm water management; I want to understand how the apparent conflicting opinions of consultants will be addressed.  And I will be questioning why the tree compensation plan is less than what we have in the current draft tree bylaw covering private properties in our 3 villages. Finally…I must comment that it is satisfying to read about a development on a site without environmental features to consider!