NE Landowners Draft Plan of Subdivision

At the September 23  Council meeting there is a large report from Staff recommending approval of the draft plans of subdivision be approved subject to identified detailed conditions.  This development in the north east quadrant of King City is complex given its size and the participation of 7 landowners. I have several questions including how to incorporate a higher level of “sensitivity” to our recent recognition of the urgency to respond to carbon induced climate change.

For each of the 7 there is a plan with conditions; and all 7 plans are integrated through the FSDAS (functional servicing/development area study). The FSDAS plan includes 3 parks (2 neighbourhood/1 community), 1 school block, trails, multi-use path and residential units (910 single detached/84 towns/77 lifestyle). Population in this total development is estimated at 1,029.   I have made posts on this development for the past 3 years at various stages. To read the report and to reach all the appendices click here and scroll to 9.2 

Climate Strike In King

Climate Strikes are taking place from September 20-27  all over the world, demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels. The Climate Crisis won’t wait, so neither will we!  Join me and hundreds of others at northwest corner of Keele and King Road on Friday, September 20 12-1.  There is an emergency.  That’s why King Township Council approved very aggressive targets (45% reduction in corporate energy emissions and 35% energy reduction by 2030); and after completing the detailed planning to achieve the latter to develop a plan for the community at large.

Updating Transportation Master Plan

Its time to update the Transportation Master Plan (TMP); the vision is to improved different modes of travely including walking, cycling, transit and car.  Residents are invited to attend one of the scheduled information sessions to comment on issues experienced when travelling around King and to provide input on how to improve the network.  For full detail on meetings see here:  its Oct. 1 in King City, Oct. 2 in Nobleton and October 8 in Schomberg; all are 6pm-8pm.


Budget 2020 Meeting Times

As I posted recently there has been a report to Council about the 2020 budget process.  Here is a detailed summary of the various upcoming meetings, including public consultation meetings, both when and where.  The first public consultation one is Tuesday, September 17 at 7 pm at Municipal Centre; second one is Thursday, Sept 26 at 7 in Nobleton.  Note: presentations, information presented at either of these meetings is not specific to a village or area; budget is for the Township.

New Development on King Road

Tuesday, September 24 there is a Public Information Session for a proposed development  at the former site of the township office (2075 King Road.)  This is an excellent opportunity to review the proposal, to see visuals and to talk to the developer in order to ask questions and provide feedback.  At some point, likely in the following 2-4 months there will be a public meeting held as part of a Council meeting; it is at this meeting where you  formally provide feedback to C0uncil.  The proposed development is important due to its size:  a 5-6 storey structure is proposed with about 252 units with amenities.  Here are more details.  The PIC is at the King Centre Arena & Community Centre from 6:30-8:30.  Note: typically these sessions are open house and drop in format.