Zoning Bylaw Amendment

On Monday’s Council agenda there is report recommending approval of zoning bylaw amendment to provide greater definition and clarity about where cannabis production facilities can be located.  As reviewed in the report the challenges to regulating cannabis will also be addressed in the rural zoning bylaw process which is now starting.  For more background see here.  

Different Council meetings and 2021 Schedule

On Council agenda for November 30 there is a report identifying dates for the Council meetings.  Usually this annual report is purely administrative.  This year there is one bigger change/news item.  Staff are proposing to introduce an additional meeting solely focussed on planning applications.  In last couple months we have had a couple like this and I for one find them to useful in this format.  I will be asking for agenda for these meetings to be published by the Tuesday prior to the planning meeting as there is often significant materials to be read…by both Council members and members of the public.   In addition the report indicates that the Advisory Committees will begin to meet again as the IT capacity to support the hosting of the virtual meetings is now available.  I am delighted to know that these committees can resume.

Rural Zoning Bylaw Consultations

Monday, Dec. 1 is the first of 3 introductory public meeting about the rural zoning bylaw.  See here for more information. 

Development Charges

On Council agenda for November 30 there is a Staff report on the proposed new Development Charges (DC) for King.  In last Council meeting we had an “introduction” to the subject; in the 11/30 meeting there is much more detail, including the specific projects considered in the next 10 years and, its my understanding that it includes feedback from developers.  To clarify, inclusion of these projects does not mean they are approved. Rather they are identified as something wanted, or something as possible, in the numerous masterplans and strategies; hence we need to include them in DC study so that the cost of such is included and we can collect Development Charge funds as the developments occur.  This is extremely important work as this is the means by which the costs of growth are paid by the growth itself.  To clarify with an example: currently, to build a single detached house in King City, the DC is $38,042; proposed new rate is $39,232.  The DC Study is where you can learn more about the legislation that regulates this process and where the specific projects are included.  At Council there will be a presentation.

Christmas in King Holiday Light Tour

November 30 is the last day to register your property on the Christmas in King Holiday Light Tour.  As it is my habit to drive around King looking for beautiful light displays I am thrilled at this initiative.  Buying the map will ensure that I don’t miss any and it is such a fun way to support the King Township Food Bank. 

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