Council Meeting on August 10

Stage 3 and new COVID app

Moving into Stage 3 is allowing us to resume activities valuable for our mental & emotional well being and for our economy.  Its important that we continue to do per the recommended protocols including wearing face masks when inside public facilities and to continue maintaining 2 m distancing. During the last couple days I have observed good adherence to both of the latter I am very happy to say.  I am interested in the new COVID Alert app announced by Federal Government on July 31.  Like the protocols I have mentioned, this app is not going to save anyone from transmission but it is another tool.  Its  available for download on smart phones in Ontario. Click here for full summary of it and how to get & use it.  Experts believe if enough people download the app it can help prevent outbreaks. I have down loaded on my phone.


Redside Dace Habitat: threat

In a recent post I expressed great concern about a proposed amendment to the Growth PlanMore Sprawl for Greater Golden Horseshoe which, as is, will enable more sprawl and increasing risk on the habitat of endangered species. There are unfortunately too many of the latter; one which always attracts my attention is the redside dace.  As a layperson I think of this little fish as an indicator of a stream or creek health. I am fortunate to have the Kettleby Creek running through my property; several times Lake Simcoe Conservation Property have visited to assess fish diversity and to date they have always found redside dace in to. Given this personal interest I was impressed with a feature in one of the complimentary magazines delivered with one of the local papers:  well written, informative information about several species at risk, including redside dace.  Describeswhy development threatens it; how building new subdivisions and roads affects its habitat.   You can read it below.


Stage 3 in King: recreational opportunities

King is in Stage 3

Friday, July 24 we moved into Stage 3.  This is a welcomed step but it comes with the expectation that we all continue to be vigilant in behaving responsibly to protect our own health and the health of all with whom we come in contact.  Its no longer an individual choice: we must wear a mask when we enter any indoor public space. We must continue to maintain social distance and we must continue to wash our hands with soap frequently. I know there is some reluctance to donning a mask; in addition to the valid health reasons for doing so I also believe it is simply not fair to put the burden on the business owner (or whoever is in charge for the public space) to ask you to do so and then if you do not comply to ask you to leave.  Here is King’s press release which includes many details.  As always check in with King’s COVID-19 page for the latest information.