Metrolinx News Heard at Council

Purpose of this blog is to let readers know in advance about important issues on upcoming Council agenda and not to report what did transpire.  I am making an exception as there was a presentation at July 8 Council meeting by Metrolinx to update Council on GO train expansion into York Region with focus on King City.  As many of my readers are particularly interested in the latter I am writing this post to identify some key points.


Presentations at Council

At July 8th Council meeting there will be 2 presentations which interest me.  One is from Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority‘s CAO about 2019 Priorities. And one is from Metrolinx about a GO Expansion Update:  creating connections in King City.



Climate Emergency

At July 8 Council there will be a debate on a resolution put forwarded by Mayor Pellegrini and seconded by me re: declaring a climate emergency. I believe this declaration is appropriate.  As reported in the media, as we see already consequences of global warming and as identified in the resolution there is a threat to our planet, to all human kind.  Humans have contributed to this situation because of green house gases (GHG).  All, including King, needs to participate in the effort to reduce GHG.  This resolution does not define how we are going to do that but it does say that it is going to be, henceforth, a priority for us.  We need a action plan to engage all our community along with reducing the municipality’s contribution to the problem.  Some question use of the word “emergency;” I believe it is the right word as the definition of emergency includes the concept of taking action in response to the problem.  Importantly the resolution also indicates the need to  consider how to mitigate and adapt.

Energy Management Plan for Twshp

On Council July 8 agenda there is a very important report:  a draft plan for how the Township will reduce the green house gas emissions (GHG) generated by our facilities & fleet and reduce our consumption of energy (natural gas, electricity).  The report is important.  1st, the severity of climate change is human influenced by GHG emissions. 2nd, we know what needs to be done but we need to agree that it is important and we need to follow through with the necessary investments.    We have not been building a “climate change war chest” to fund this although as reviewed in the report we have done some good projects already.  How much we want to do will be a critical input to the upcoming 2020 budget work.  The report proposes 2 targets:  I believe we need to aim very high, (more…)

Facilities Update

On Council agenda there is report for the final report on Facilities Services which is part of the  Parks Recreation & Culture (P&RC) Master Plan.  (There is also  summary report on the P&RC Masterplan). As reviewed there has been considerable consultation in different ways with the public.  As indicated we have made small investment to get up-to-date robust assessment of structural condition of the older facilities; I call it “small” in comparison to the value it will give us to determine how to proceed with maintenance choices  and where we spend money to achieve energy savings.