Automated Speed Enforcement

Apr 27, 2024 | Miscellaneous, The Issues | 0 comments

On April 29 council agenda there is a staff report about implementation of a of the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program.  Speeding is a serious concern across the Township. Safety of pedestrians, cyclists and cars with their occupants are at risk with vehicles travelling faster than speed limits.  I am very supportive of how this is going to be implemented in King although I do regret that it will not be used more broadly. As reviewed in the report there have been numerous provincial regulatory changes as to who/how penalties for speed violations are implemented and now, such authority is given to community safety zones. I endorse the proposal to execute our authority using the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) and to outsource the administration to the joint processing centre recently established by the municipality of Newmarket.  Drivers will be given opportunity to modify driving habits, if their tendency is to drive fast, as there will be notification of plans to activate speed cameras and there will be notification and signs when they are activated.  There will be a presentation at Council on this report.

The Staff report does list the 12 community safety zones in the Township which I assume are the potential road segments for a speed camera. I wonder why the zone on King Rd. at the KC library and KCSS are not included. And I would like to understand how decisions will be made as to the rotation of the speed cameras.

As always you can participate in the Council and make a deputation on this motion  in person or virtually.  For details on how to do please see Council agenda.  Or you can send an email to by Monday noon with your comments, questions.


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